Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fruits of Kodaikanal

Date: 1st May 2015 - 3rd May 2015

Foodies: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Recommended: Litchi, Dragon fruit and tree tomato.

One thing we enjoyed in the crazily crowded kodaikanal is tasing varieties of fruits.

Red plums. There were 3 variation in same and as always the costlier one was the tastier :). It was sweet juicy inside and the skin was bit bitter. Costs 320Rs per Kg.

Vote: 3. All of us liked it.

 Peach. This may be was not ripe yet and was bitter.

Vote: 0. We just got one fruit to taste and no one liked it.
Butterfruit. Did not try this.

Vote: NA
Tree Tomato. Cut open the top, squeeze and eat it from top. Do not eat the skin. This had nice tangy taste.
10Rs per fruit.

Vote: 2. Shilpi and I liked it. Harsh did not even try it.
Lychee. Best of all the fruit. Very sweet and juicy.
Costs 400Rs a Kg. We had got a Kg and on the way back from kodai this was our snack.

Vote: 3.
Dragon fruit. Never even heard of this. Saw this for the first time. Cut open the fruit and eat the white jelly part. They said it was good for heart but they did not say its not good for pocket ;). Costs 150Rs per fruit.

Vote: 1. Only i liked it.

Jackfruit. Father, Son's Favorite :). It was firm and sweet.
Was much bigger and tastier than the ones we get in Bengaluru.

Vote: 2. Shilpi hates the smell ;)

Passion fruit. Looks bit weird and not sure what taste it was. Costs 15Rs a fruit. Yes everything was so costly up  there.

Vote: 1. Shilpi liked it.

You can also try other fresh Apple, Grapes, pineapple, oranges, pear, Varieties of mangoes etc...

You can get the fruits for bit lesser price in moolayaar.

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