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Weekend Getaway: 18. Kolli Hills: 70 Hair-pin bends,1100 Steps, 1 Waterfall

Date: 13th Dec 2014 - 14 Dec 2014

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Route: Bangalore - Krishnagiri - Salem - Rasipuram - Kolli Hills

Distance: 286Km one way

Road Condition: Good
Sunrise somewhere near Krishnagiri.

Stay: Nallathambi Resort.

Charge: 1500 including tax excluding food.

Food: Good but buffet was priced too high. We preferred a la carte.

Room Condition: Small room and clean bathroom.
Fun starts now. Start of ghat section at karavalli.

25Kms from here to reach the resort.
Yes you saw that right. 70 Hair pin bends.

Tried to find which route has most hair-pin bends but no clear answer but most likely this could be the most in India.

The road was good but you need to drive carefully. 
Beautiful isn't it? Not all 70 are this wide.

Beware of monkeys. They will be ready to snatch any food that you have and sometimes we feel they would even jump inside the car.
View of the valley.
Finally reached the top. The drive was an enjoyable one if you are careful.

Checked into the hotel and it was too early for lunch so we decided to start seeing places.
First place. Namma Aruvi (our falls) it was too small and not much water. The falls was clean enough to take bath if you want.

Park the vehicle on road and walk few hundred meters if you want to get close to the falls else click pictures from road.
Next stop: Masila falls. Pay entrance fee of 10 per adult and 5 per child.

This too is a small one but good enough to take bath if one wish. Walk carefully as it might be slippery in some places.

Small kids play area in the Masila falls.

Harsh enjoying a different kind of slide. The slide has rollers instead of smooth surface.
Another slide.
View of Masila falls.

There will be lot of people selling fruits, Bajji and the famous Kuzhi paniyaram.

Paniyaram was 20Rs for 7 piece but it was not good. Heared paniyaram is famous in Kolli hills but this one was too plain.

Road covered with Rice Paddy. Looks like this is the harvest season and you can find these paddy straw everywhere.
Finally the main attraction of Kolli Hills.

Agaya gangai (Akash Ganga).

The steps leading to the falls.

The official count at the entrance says 1050 steps but we counted somewhere around 1100 (Wiki says 1302).

Entry fee of 10Rs per adult, 5 per child.
In front of the falls. There was good flow of water. We sat near the falls and enjoyed the view. Harsh enjoyed the water spraying from the falls. After some photo shoot we decided to go back.

Family pic infront of Agaya Gangai.
Shilpi and Harsh enjoying the closer view of the falls.

The steps become too steep and big in between. I was bit worried how we will climb these steps back. Shilpi calmed me down anyway we have come down what ever it is we have to climb up, lets target 50 steps at a time.

All the morning walk did not go in vain, to my own surprise i climbed all the steps without much effort and i was not tired, did not even feel any pain.

Above all just could not believe how strong Harsh was. He climbed all 1100 steps without making any fuss. He still had lot of energy and started jumping after reaching room.

He is all set to trek/travel anywhere now ;)

Only shilpi was tired at the end and had calf muscle pain.
Last 100m is not paved. Beware as the stones might be wet and slippery.
View while climbing back up.
Next attraction was arpaleshwar temple.

Lord shiva in the form of lingam. Beautifully decorated. As usual liked it because of no yelling and no shoving.

Temple has no intricate carvings or sculpture but all the deities are nicely decorated.

 Some must try food of Kolli hills.

Herbal soup near Boat house. 10Rs per cup and it was too good.

Shilpi was initially hesitant to drink it but after tasting a sip she had two cups ;)
 Kuzhi paniyaram. This was very famous here and you can find lot of shops
 near all tourist places. Should try the one near the Arpaleshwar
temple. Rs 10 for 5 piece. We tried it in few places but the one here
was the best.
Started raining on the way back to the room. It was 5 PM in evening. We are done for the day.
Early morning infront of the resort.

Airtel doesn't have coverage on the hills. Vodafone works if you are outside the room.
Some fancy bikes parked in front of the resort.

The family crowd is very less and the place is visited mostly by young crowd or middle aged group of men.

Feel like some group just came to drink and not see any thing. Anyway as long as they don't disturb others they can do what ever they want.

Should give an idea of the route.

One can only experience the pleasure driving n these roads.

There is U turn, S turn, Z turn and all possible turns :)
In front of seekuparai view point. It was again completly covered and all you can see is just white/gray clouds.
Infront of boat house. Entry fee 5 per person.

It was drizzling and we did not go for boating.

Had egg bonda here after so many days.
Statue of king Valvil ori. Ruler of kolli hills area around 200AD. Its
believed that he was so talented and strong that he killed a elephant,
tiger, deer, pig and monitor lizard with a single arrow.
Way to Ettukkai amman temple.

It was a very small temple and there was a group of people in front. We decided to wait and pray.

Suddenly the main priest started shouting and shaking, other priest said god has come and asked everyone to come and tell their problem.
One lady came in front and she asked something about a marriage in her
family and he was saying it will be all happen just pray. It was all fine.

We were seeing all the things happening and we thought its ok but suddenly at the end the priest said give 101Rs and go :) Not sure how amman can remember to ask for money.

Again next person came and same happened and he again asked to pay 101Rs. We then left the place as there were many in line.

Lot of bells hanging were given by devotees as what ever they wished for came true.

Whatever it was all but the god here is believed to be very powerful and we prayed and left.
Its 12 Noon. Yes this is how it was at 12 Noon. 
 Fruit market. One should try the seasonal fruits here. This was orange season and you can get a plenty of them.

Kolli Hills is famous for Jackfruit but the season is in March/April.
Did buy some pulses and cereals.

Map of all the places to see in Kolli Hills.

Other places which one can see is the garden. We did not visit as it was drizzling.
Finally, Do not drink if you are driving.

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