Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weekend Getaway: 20. Belum Caves and Gandikota: Part 2

After leaving Belum caves we passed though these barren lands and winding roads to reach Gandikota.

We reached Haritha hotel around 5 PM.
We called it a day and decided to just walk around the resort.

Each room has a private terrace from which you can see sunset.

Just too beautiful.
Sun gently kissing the hill top.
The hotel was maintained by APTDC. The was spacious and has a small kids play area, individual cottages, restaurant.

The hotel is not listed on APTDC for online booking.

Call 09848190361 for reservation.

There is no other place nearby. The hotel is less than a Km from the fort. 
The room and bathroom are clean.

Its 1250+Tax for a AC room.

We were sitting in kids area and talking while harsh was busy playing in sand.

We finished dinner and had a very good night sleep.
 Next day we started from room at 7:15 and reached fort. Its 3 min drive. Park the vehicle at fort entrance and explore the places by walk.
 First there was charminar (not so charming minar) ;)
A cool drink shop and the only shop inside the fort. We decided to visit the gorge first and everything else later.

The rocky path will lead you to the Penna Gorge.

This is the main attraction of Gandikota.
My parents were able to climb till a certain point. After that it was bit difficult for old people.

View of Grand canyon of India ;)
 Panoramic view of the gorge.
The walls protecting the fort along the river.
Wondering how they built it and how long it took.
Shilpi and Harsh on top enjoying the view of the beautiful landscape and river.
Shilpi climbing back after going to the edge of the hill top.
Photo time ;)
Harsh saying something to his grandparents.
Its rocks everywhere.

Penna river flowing below.
Ranganathaswamy temple. This is next to the gorge. The temple has beautifully carved stone pillars. 
The temple is not worshiped currently. There is no statue at the garbagraha.

View of Madhavaraya temple tower from ranganathaswamy temple.

Granary. There are plenty of parrots and squirrel on this. May be they are still thinking animal feed is still stored here.
Jama Masjid
The path to Madhavraya temple is not so clean.
The hen, goat and cows defecated in the middle and humans on the sides :(
Iconic tower of Gandikota. The temple was closed and we just took a walk around the temple.
Two parrots having private time ;)
Sorry for intruding into your privacy :)
The walls protecting the fort and the village inside.
A Jail.

That ends one of our memorable trip.

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