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Hoysala Temples: 2. Basaralu

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Maddur - Koppa - Basaralu

Distance: 125Km one way.

Route Condition: Very good till Maddur, Good till Koppa, 6-7 Km after Koppa bad and final stretch average.
Looks like sugarcane harvesting season so you can see lot of lorry, mini van and bullock cart carrying sugarcane to the factories.

People loading sugarcane in lorry to supply to the NSL sugar factory in Koppa.

Must try these juicy sugarcane.

Aarush and Harsh learning to eat sugarcane. They just loved it.
This is how the road is for 6-7 Kms after Koppa.

Route Tip: Take Right turn at the small signal after Maddur Tiffany's (2nd one). Drive 19Km and reach Koppa. Take right and drive 18Km to reach Basaralu.

There will be 3 major fork after Koppa, at first 2 take left road and at 3rd take the straight road.
Paddy and sugarcane fields on both side of the road. Just green green and only green.
Cauvery open to the farm for irrigation.

Both started playing. An elderly women said there is a better place few hundred meters ahead to play.

We could not have found this place as it was behind the bushes and not much sound.
Thanks to the ajji (Grandmother in kannada).
Kids enjoyed nearly 45 min here.

Went to Koppa market to buy Jaggery. This is made from sugarcane and is a healthy substitute for sugar. This has more nutritive value than sugar. Thought of trying so got 500Gms for 20Rs.

Did you know we can still get 6 pieces of lemon for 10Rs? ;)
One can spot many Kingfisher, bee eater, parrot and unknown (for me) birds sitting on the electric line.

Kingfisher waiting to strike.

Finally reached the destination. It took 2 hrs from Maddur because of multiple stops that we made.
Mallikarjuna temple. Built under Hoysala king Vira Narasimha II in 1234AD. Temple is protected by Archeological survey of India.

Ganesha at the entrance of the temple.

Beautiful temple built on a star shaped platform.

A common feature of most of the Hoysala temples.

This platform provides path for circumambulation.
Different views of the temple from outside.
View from the path leading to the temple.
Stone carvings on the roof.
Base of the temple  formed with 6 rows of stone carvings. Top row is carved with bird shaped, next a monster kind, 3rd the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, 4th Lion structure, 5th Horse and the elephants hold the last row.
Some of the Hindu deity's. There are too many and you can keep clicking pics.
Lord Shiva is worshiped here as the deity in the sanctum is not damaged by the foreign invaders.

Pooja is done twice a day.

It has 3 shrines, Mallikarjuna (Lord Shiva) is in the center in the form of Linga. The roof of the temple is decorated with lotus structure.

You need permission from Archeological survey of India in Srirangapatna (Near dariya daulat) to take pictures inside the temple.
When we reached the temple was closed. Mr Suresh who guards the temple opened it for us and showed us the inner sanctum.

Such a beautiful temple but its sad that not many visit . We were the only 4 people the whole time.

Pillars: Circular one.

All these places need a guide, I thought Mr Suresh can explain or show some intresting structures but he did not have much information.

Ornate vimana.
Close up view of the Vimana.

Pack food and water as it will be difficult to find any hotels.

We had Parota, Chaparhi and Dosa in Maddur Tiffany's. The chutney and Kuruma was extremely spicy. I would not recommend this place.

Only thing you should try is Maddur vada without chutney. 

Finally a Family Picture.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Temples of South Bangalore: 1. Shri Shyam Mandhir

Name: Khatu Shaym Ji Temple

Location: Bannerghatta Road

Route: Just before Bannerghatta national park.

Weekdays 6:15 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:15 PM to 9:30 PM

Weekends 6:15 AM to 12:30 PM and 2:15 PM to 9:30 PM
The idol in garbhagriha is only the head of Barbarika. He was a brave warrior and could have finished Mahabharatha war single handedly. Read more on internet about this interesting story.

The main temple for Khatu shyam Ji is in Rajasthan.
The temple here in bangalore is very neatly maintained. Been here twice now, once on a weekday and other on weekend. This temple doesnt get crowded much, it was so peaceful.

The huge hall was completely red carpeted. The main idol was beautifully decorated with flowers and lemon. As in all temple no photo allowed.
Inside there are few more small temples.
There is ram, Lakshman and sita then One for Hanuman and one Shivlingam. All the idols are beautifully carved in marble.

Unlike the idol in south India which are carved in black stone these are carved in white marble.

The thing i liked the most is nobody yells at you jargandi jargandi or po po or hogri hogri. You can just stand/sit as long as you want.

First time the pandit gave us 3 oranges each and second time he gave milk peda. I guess its the custom of this temple and they give it to all.

Shilpi wanted to buy "akhand path" book of shaymji and asked the pandit for the price and he said its free you can take. I was like oh good then why don't we take all the books :) but she wanted only one. Not sure if all are free.

A completely different experience compared to some temples where even the security and pandits begs for money inside the temple.

Also i think this is one of the few places in Bangalore where the sparrows still live. These tiny birds fly freely inside the temple. No one disturbs them and they too do not disturb people.

I decided to go here often but i had a problem. To reach the temple i need to cross the parking fee collection gate for bannerghatta park. Its 40Rs everytime. Solution for that is put the temple sticker in car. Ask the pandit for it and he will give it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kids Attractions: 2. HAL Museum

Date: 2nd Nov 2014

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Radhe Shyam

Timings: All days including public holidays. 9 AM to 5 PM.

Duration: 2 Hrs
Charges: 30 Rs per Adult.
50 Rs for Still Camera.
75 Rs for video Camera.
Ticket needed for kids above 3 but the staff said no need to take ticket for Harsh (4 Yrs).
10 Rs for flight simulator computer video game.

A must visit place for kids.

Had read in some websites its closed on Mondays and public holidays.

The board clearly says open all days. Still went and asked the security is it open even on independence day? and he said they get more visitors during public holidays only.

 GSLV scaled down model.
 PSLV heat shield. Full size.
Inside the heat shield. Satellite housed inside this.
 Meteorological Radar.
 Harsh infront of Advance Light Helicopter.
Canberra. Designed by English Electric company. Used as Bomber by IAF.
 Harsh spinning the wheel of Canberra.
Sea King MK 42. Manufactured by GKN westland Helicopters, UK. Used by Indian Navy for search and transport.
 Shilpi, Harsh and Radhe shyam posing near Sea king.
 Neatly maintained lawn and fountain.
 Ajeet. Developed by British Folland Gnat.Used by IAF for ground attack and as interceptor.
 Lakshya. Pilotless target aircraft. Developed by Aeronautical development establishment of DRDO.
Light Combat aircraft. Designed and developed by Aeronautical development agency. Single seat and single engine, thus light combat aircraft.
 Hindustan Jet Trainer 36. Developed by HAL. Used as Trainer by IAF.
Famous MIG-21. Trainer. Bison version.
IAF's first supersonic fighter Jet.
Marut HF-24 Trainer. Designed and developed by HAL.
 Air traffic control radar and Antenna.
Dove. Designed and Developed by DE Haviland UK. Used as passenger aircraft, pest control and ambulance.
Hansa. Designed and developed by National aerospace laboratories. Used for training, sports and hobby flying. Day night capability with lightning protection.
 Hindustan Trainer HT-2. Designed and Developed by HAL. Used for Training.
Kiran. Designed and developed by HAL. Trainer aircraft.

Few engines.
Adour MK 811. Designed and developed by Rolls Royce and Turbomeca. Fitted on Jaguar aircraft.
Orpheus 70105. Designed and developed by Rolls Royce and HAL based on Bristol siddeley Orpheus 701. Fitted on Kiran MK-II.
Dart Mark 533-2. Designed and developed by Rolls Royce. Fitted on AVRO HS - 748 series 2 Transport.
 Light observation helicopter. Model.
Basant. Designed and Developed by HAL. Single seat  aircraft put for agricultural use for aerial application of pesticides and fertilizers.
 Ejection seat model.
Ejection seat safely landing with help of  parachute.
 Civil Aviation - Airline tail.
World air force insignia. 
Top view of Basant.
Top floor has the flight simulator computer game. Locked.

Control tower from where you can see the HAL runway was closed again. The attendant said  he doesn't have the key.

It would have been nice to see the runway.
 Scaled down model of PSLV.
ASLV. Honestly, hearing for first time. Googled and found its Augmented satellite launch vehicle.Five stage solid propellant rocket developed by ISRO.
Its discontinued currently. Has one successful launch after 3 failures.
Harsh infront of GSLV model.
Few posters.

There are various rooms with pictures showing history of HAL.

I feel this doesn't get as crowded as other attractions in Bangalore.

There were some 5 cars parked when we went at 10:30 AM. When we came back at 12:30 there were some 20 cars parked on the busy old airport road.
I think major crowd that comes here are school students. When we went a couple of schools had got students for visit.

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