Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Getaway: 21. Thattekere: Offbeat place near Bengaluru

Date: 29th March 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Route: Bangalore - Bannerghatta - Ragihalli gate - Ragi halli - Shivanahalli - Thattakere

Distance: 40Km one way

Been long since we went out somewhere so we have decided to go somehere near Bangalore.

Had seen pics of Thattakere in other blogs so decided to go here.

Google maps gives the route via Bannerghatta road and kanakapura road.

Google maps doesn't show this ragihalli road and when i reached there i understood why.
Bannerghatta forest.

Cross the bannerghatta zoo junction and drive  for 3 or 4 Km towards anekal. You will see the Inn hotel on the left side.

Take a right turn just before the Inn hotel for Ragihalli and Shivanahalli.

The hills broken down to make concrete blocks.
The route passes along the bannerghatta forest and one can see lot of birds.

Its  a wonderful place for bird photographers.

Bee eater having its brunch.

Few Km after crossing Shivanhalli  there will be a T junction. Take right here if your vehicle has good ground clearance.

Take the route suggested by google maps if your vehicle has less clearance.
Entering Bannerghatta forest.

The route is used only by the villagers near by.

We could see few mopeds and bikes going through it.
These 2 pictures explains why google did not suggest this route.
After this the road joins back to main road.

Keep driving towards Thatakere (5 Kms) and you will reach thattakere village.

You  can see an arch on the left side and take that road. Drive for couple of Kms and you will reach the lake.

This too is part of the Bannerghatta forest.
There is a small temple and  a marriage hall.

A function was going on in the hall.

There is ample parking place.

Park the vehicle and walk to the lake.

The lake was surrounded by the forest and looks very beautiful.  A nice place to visit but there is a catch.

A forest guard is stationed here, he came after we took few pics and said go back as it is restricted area.

We asked him the reason and he said elephants come to this lake to quench their thirst and few bad incidents have happened before.
He said people see it on net and come here but no one is allowed inside and the gate will be closed.

Only because of the marriage they had opened the forest gate.

So when someone go there no guarantee that they will be allowed inside.
Nice half day time pass.

Om lake ;)
Mini forest in the middle of the lake.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Photography: Rainy Day

Early morning. Somewhere near Iruppu falls.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photography: Flower

Taken during our trip to Horsley Hills.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

That one place you like to see before leaving the world

Sooner or later everyone has to leave this world. This is inevitable truth.

Most of us have some dream that they like to achive. Some persue it knowing and some without knowing it.

For a business man its that one deal he would like to get it some day.
For a person in entertainment industry its some great award.
For a sport person it might be to create an unbreakable record.
For some its to have a dream home someday. For some it may be owning a best car or many thing.

But for those who like travel its that one place. Its their dream place that they wish to see.

Given only one chance and you have been asked to choose a place what would it be?

There are many places in the world that i wish to see.
All seven wonders of the world, all states in our country many more but if i have to choose only one that i want to see what would it be.

I would love to visit the great Serengeti national park. When ever i see it on tv i am always awe struck with its beauty and rich wild life. This park is also well known for its dense lion population.
The park is very famous for the wildebeest migration every year. It would be a great sight to see from above. All these makes it one of the dream place to visit.

Would share my experience with you all some day.

Now, what is your dream place?

P.S: My first post without a single photo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Photography: Miss It

One of my favorite picture.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

One day trips around Bengaluru

Escape from city life to spend a peaceful weekend is becoming more common in Bengaluru. People are tired of traffic, pollution and running around all 5 days a week. They need a break and Bengaluru  has plenty of places around it which can help people relax and spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This blog is a compilation of top 5 one day trips around Bengaluru that i have visited.

1. Wildlife: Jayamangali blackbuck reserve

Distance: 120 Kms

Route: Bengaluru - Nelmangala - Dabaspet - Madhugiri - Jayamangali

One can spot the endangered Blackbuck in the reserve area. Its the second largest blackbuck populated in Karnataka.

Tips: The route is not marked well so ask locals for direction. Carry food and water.

My Post: Jayamangali

2. Architecture: Somnathpur

Distance: 140 Kms

Route: Bengaluru - Kanakapura - Malavalli - Somnathpur

Chennakeshava temple at somnathpur is example of one the finest Hoysala architecture. The temple has most beautiful stone carvings. The story of Ramayana, Mahabaratha and lord krishna is carved out on the outer walls.

Tips: One can also visit Talakad which is 25 Kms from here. Talakadu also has a very intresting story.

My Post: Somnathpur

3. Waterfalls: Hoganekal

Distance:150 Kms

Route: Bengaluru - Hosur - Rayakotai - Palacode - Hoganekal.

Hoganekal falls is one of the famous falls around Bengaluru. The falls after rainy season has full flow of water and provides a nice view. One can also ride near the falls in coracle.

Tips: Beware while getting in water. This falls is dangerous. Lot of people will offer oil massage for less price i would suggest to avoid it as you will get more body pain that relief.

My Post: Hoganekal

4. Hills: Devarabetta

Distance: 55 Km

Route: Bengaluru - Anekal - Thali - Devarabetta

One small hillock near Bengaluru. This can essentially be done in half day if you do not want to spend more time on the hills. Truly relaxing place.

Tips: Carry water and snacks. Not many people around so come back before dark.

My Post: Devarabetta

5. Landscape: Big Banyan tree and Manchanabele Dam.

Distance: 40 Kms.

Route: Bengaluru - Kengeri - Dodda alamara - Manchanabele Dam

Banyan tree spread over a huge area. Nice place to spend sometime and relax. One can also visit Manchanabele dam while going here.

Tips: Beware of monkeys at dodda almara and check if Machanabele Dam is open for public during weekends.

My Post: Was not blogging at that time:)

There are many more places around Bengaluru. Happy exploring.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Photography: No one cares anymore

Rusty old anchor left at Danushkodi beach.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Karamadai Car Festival: Pandha sevai day

Date:  5th March 2015

The day after the car festival is the Pandha seva day.

People from many places nearby Karamadai come here and do this pandha sevai.
This is kind of dia or deepam  or light for the god.

There will be many groups who play music with the local drums (thapatai).

This goes on almost whole night.
People pouring oil to keep the fire up.
The pandham is made of cloth and will be in various sizes and shapes.

 Also people feed banana to the devotees soing pandha sevai.
Its really difficult to carry and they make multiple stops before reaching temple.

Kindle the fire.

This was the biggest pandam that i saw this year. Carried by an elderly person.

Lot of temporary shops setup from people from various places.
You can find plenty of cheaper chinese toys and home products.

I got a gun for Harsh and it broke even before first shot :)

Tired father and son going back home after roaming for 2 Hrs.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Karamadai Car Festival

Date:  4th March 2015

Car festival is one of the major event in the small village Karamadai in Coimbatore district.

The festival is celebrated in the tamil month masi.
There is an interesting story behind this festival.

 2 days before the car festival the priests from Karamdai go to the nearby hill where bettathu amman lives and ask her to come back to Karamadai. 

The amman will be angry (reason later) and will not come. The priests will pacify her with Jewels and may other things.
The amman (another priest plays the role) will agree to come and they start climbing down.

The amman will come for some distance and again gets angry and go back. They again convince her and come again for some more distance and this continues till night. Finally the amman cool down and reach the Ranganathar temple.
Next day Ranganathar gets married to Amman.

Third day is the car festival. The main event. Both the gods will be kept in this car and from morning to evening people can go up and worship.

In the evening the car will be pulled around the temple main road.
Thousands of people gather for this and the car will be pulled along.
The procession usually starts after 6 but because of few unfortunate incidents in other car festivals government ordered to finish the fuction before dark.

This year it was planned to start at 3:15 but it only started around 5 PM.

After the car was pulled for some distance it started raining so much (never seen before) and the procession was halted for sometime.
Despite rain the crowd remained intact and was in full energy.  

I too have gone for pulling during my school and college days :) but not any more :(. That was real fun with lot of friends.

No place left, the complete street was filled with people. After the festival the next day pandha sevai and neer sevai happens.

On the last day is valamattai. On this day Lord Ranganathar beats Amman with banana leaf (not sure why) and ask her to leave. Amman goes angrily to Betta (hill) and stays there till next year.

Next year again 2 days before the car festival the priests go to bring amman back. This repeats every year.

Beautiful sight at night.
People pushing the gigantic car from behind.

This huge structure needs to be turned in four corners and its really a great coordination between people who pull in front and push from behind.

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