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Hoysala Temples: 2. Basaralu

Date: 23rd Nov 2014

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Maddur - Koppa - Basaralu

Distance: 125Km one way.

Route Condition: Very good till Maddur, Good till Koppa, 6-7 Km after Koppa bad and final stretch average.
Looks like sugarcane harvesting season so you can see lot of lorry, mini van and bullock cart carrying sugarcane to the factories.

People loading sugarcane in lorry to supply to the NSL sugar factory in Koppa.

Must try these juicy sugarcane.

Aarush and Harsh learning to eat sugarcane. They just loved it.
This is how the road is for 6-7 Kms after Koppa.

Route Tip: Take Right turn at the small signal after Maddur Tiffany's (2nd one). Drive 19Km and reach Koppa. Take right and drive 18Km to reach Basaralu.

There will be 3 major fork after Koppa, at first 2 take left road and at 3rd take the straight road.
Paddy and sugarcane fields on both side of the road. Just green green and only green.
Cauvery open to the farm for irrigation.

Both started playing. An elderly women said there is a better place few hundred meters ahead to play.

We could not have found this place as it was behind the bushes and not much sound.
Thanks to the ajji (Grandmother in kannada).
Kids enjoyed nearly 45 min here.

Went to Koppa market to buy Jaggery. This is made from sugarcane and is a healthy substitute for sugar. This has more nutritive value than sugar. Thought of trying so got 500Gms for 20Rs.

Did you know we can still get 6 pieces of lemon for 10Rs? ;)
One can spot many Kingfisher, bee eater, parrot and unknown (for me) birds sitting on the electric line.

Kingfisher waiting to strike.

Finally reached the destination. It took 2 hrs from Maddur because of multiple stops that we made.
Mallikarjuna temple. Built under Hoysala king Vira Narasimha II in 1234AD. Temple is protected by Archeological survey of India.

Ganesha at the entrance of the temple.

Beautiful temple built on a star shaped platform.

A common feature of most of the Hoysala temples.

This platform provides path for circumambulation.
Different views of the temple from outside.
View from the path leading to the temple.
Stone carvings on the roof.
Base of the temple  formed with 6 rows of stone carvings. Top row is carved with bird shaped, next a monster kind, 3rd the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata, 4th Lion structure, 5th Horse and the elephants hold the last row.
Some of the Hindu deity's. There are too many and you can keep clicking pics.
Lord Shiva is worshiped here as the deity in the sanctum is not damaged by the foreign invaders.

Pooja is done twice a day.

It has 3 shrines, Mallikarjuna (Lord Shiva) is in the center in the form of Linga. The roof of the temple is decorated with lotus structure.

You need permission from Archeological survey of India in Srirangapatna (Near dariya daulat) to take pictures inside the temple.
When we reached the temple was closed. Mr Suresh who guards the temple opened it for us and showed us the inner sanctum.

Such a beautiful temple but its sad that not many visit . We were the only 4 people the whole time.

Pillars: Circular one.

All these places need a guide, I thought Mr Suresh can explain or show some intresting structures but he did not have much information.

Ornate vimana.
Close up view of the Vimana.

Pack food and water as it will be difficult to find any hotels.

We had Parota, Chaparhi and Dosa in Maddur Tiffany's. The chutney and Kuruma was extremely spicy. I would not recommend this place.

Only thing you should try is Maddur vada without chutney. 

Finally a Family Picture.

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