Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mandalpatti and Kote Abbi falls

One of the most beautiful mountain ranges in western ghats.

Visited on 26th Dec 2014 during Coorg trip.

Must visit place in Coorg.
Had only seen one picture of this place at the last minute before starting to coorg.

I am so glad that i saw that pic and decided to go here.

Gorgeous mountain range with amazing view.

Inquired about this place in hotel as i had not done much reading about this place.

Mr Jeyaraj informed us that we have to take the jeep 3 Km before Abey falls.
Reached the junction and parked the car. There were lot of jeeps parked and finalized one for 1300Rs.

Driver said it was around 18 Km from there.
We boarded the jeep and started. It was a nice tared road but little steep. Shilpi and My mother said road is good why we needed to take Jeep. Even i saw few cars coming back. We still did not know what lies ahead.
The road was bit steep but well tared till the mandalpatti gate.

After entering inside we understood why we were advised to take a Jeep instead of the car.
This is the reason. No way our car would have made it through this road. Only 4x4 can reach till end.

Take a closed jeep if you are allergic to dust. My camera had almost turned red with dust.

Walk up to the view point. It was a small trek and anyone can easily make it to the top.

Harsh trying to catch up with his mother and  grand parents.

The gate opens at 5:30 in morning and closes at 5 in evening.

Try to reach early to avoid direct sunlight which affect the photos.
There are multiple routes for trek.

You can probably talk to the driver and ask him to wait for few hours so you can walk through all routes.

Trip to Coorg is incomplete without seeing this.

Jeep route.
Happy Harsh. He likes walking up these kind of path than climbing steps. He was very satisfied.

We came back down after the photo session and driver was ready to take us back.

I asked him to stop in other places to take pictures. I told him we are going next to abey falls.

Driver Achaya said there is Kote Abbi water falls which will be less crowded and water will be clean. He charged us 800Rs more.

We decided to go and did not negotiate.

It was a good decision at the end.

The falls was small but clean and not crowded.
One family was finishing their photo session and leaving and we started :).

Harsh wanted to get inside the water but the driver said it will be deep and said we can get in at the start of the bridge.

Clear water and stones seen through the water.

Very rare to see a tourist place this clean. Thanks to the bad road. Will be very happy if roads to these places never get fixed.
The water was too cold and you can make it out from Harsh expression.

Don't dare to take your car (unless you have a 4x4)

Another view of the mountain range.

Driver Achaya and his jeep.

It was one hell of a ride for a heavenly view.

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