Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hoysala Temples 13: Hoysalewara Temple, Halebidu Part 3

Date: 14th Feb 2016

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Part 1 and Part 2 has few more details about the Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu. Few more pictures from the magnificent temple is given below.

The extensive carvings of the Jewels worn by the doorkeeper.

Arjuna hitting the fish eye looking at the water below.

Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhana hill.

A closer look at the govardhana hill. A monkey climbing a tree to pick banana, a hunter aiming at a pig, few lizards on the rock, a lion hunting, a man climbing the rock.

Lord Shiva inside the elephant stomach.

Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Goddess Kali with head of some demon.

Notice the natural looking finger nails.

An English men with robe.

Monkey business. A monkey pulling the drape of a women and she is pulling away. Notice the heels lifted from the sandals.


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