Friday, December 23, 2016

Weekend Getaway: 33. Devarayanadurga and Namada chilume

Date: 13th Nov 2016

Visitors: Full Family.

Fee: Rs 5 entry fee for Namada Chilume.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM.

Distance: Around 70Km from Bangalore.

Road Condition: Very good.

On a fine Sunday morning with nothing to do we decided to go to Devarayanadurga and Namada Chilume. Devarayana durga is a twin temple located on a hill. The temple at the base of the hill is Bhoga Narasimha and the temple at top is Yoga Narasimha. Since we started bit late we reached the temple when its was bit too hot. We visited Bhoga narasimha temple first and then reached the hill top. There were around 200 steps to climb and we decided not to climb as it was too hot. But Shilpi and Bhabhi said they wanted to visit so we all waited in the car while they went up. They came back with in half hour and said the steps are not much and the climb was easy one. However there was the problem of monkey. There were too many monkeys on the top and ready to snatch any food or water. From the hill we next visited Namada Chilume. It was  around 5 Kms from the hill. It was famous for the water hole on the rock which flows throughout the year. There is a interesting story behind the water flow.  It was said Lord Ram shot a arrow on the rock to get water to apply tilak. The water flow from the rock its running ever since. There is also a small deer park at the entrance which kids would enjoy watching.

Few pics from the visit.

Bhoga Narasimha temple gopuram.

Fire under the stambha.

View  of Yoga Narasimha temple from the parking.

View from the hill top.

Road leading to the hill top.

Namada Chilume entrance.

Deer at the park.

Water flowing from the rock and protected with fence.

Kids playing on the small rocky hill.

Selfie time.

One another weekend Getaway from Bangalore for family. Need start early and visit the Yoga narasimha temple next time. The road was too good and lot of place to park and relax. Carry food and make it a mini picnic.

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