Friday, January 13, 2017

Thousand Pillars Temple, Moodabidri

Date: 27th Dec 2016

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Muthusamy, Vijayalakshmi and Harsh

Fee: Rs 50 for camera. Rs 5 per person if non Jain.

After visiting Padutirupathi we set of to Moodabidri to see Thousand pillar temple. Moodabidri is located 20 Km south of Karkala. Harsh kept ask if the temple will be crowded and i had told him no i dont think so there will be any one in this place. He was very happy which did not last long. There were 3 tourist buses parked outside the temple. Looks like they have all come from far away places to visit all Jain basadi's. There are 18 Jain temples in moodabidri. We went inside and paid the fee. They asked if we were Jain and i said no. He said then its Rs 5 for each. I thought its free for Jains and asked him and he said no they need to pay more as donation :). A monolithic Manastambha stand beautifully at the entrance. Then we went on to explore the temple. Non Jain's are not allowed inside the inner sanctum. We went around the temple and saw the ornate pillars decorating the place. We could definitely saw that the pillars dont count for 1000. There were small pillar like structures carves on the bigger pillars and we said if we count all these then there will be 1000. We went to the person giving ticket and asked him. He confirmed that we need to add all the smaller pillar structures on the main pillars. The temple was built around 1430 AD and still maintained very well. More details about the temple can be found here. The temple is also called Saavira Kambada basadi. All the pillars are unique and the carvings are very beautiful.

Few pics from the trip.

Main entrance to the temple.

60 Ft Manastambha.

Carvings on the roof.

View of the mandapa supported by pillars.

One of the pillar with smaller pillars carved on it.

View from outside.

Another view.

Smaller pillars that makes it 1000.

One another unique pillar.

Mandapa infront of the inner sanctum.

Temple flagstaff.

Rear view of the entrance.

One of the nice place to visit in Moodabidri. Club this with Karkala and you get a nice weekend getaway from bangalore.

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