Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Getaway: 16. B.R Hills

Date: 29th Aug 2014 - 30th Aug 2014

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Kanakpura - Malavalli - Kollegal - BR Hills

Distance: 160Km one way.

Road condition: Good all the way.
First stop at Halaguru for breakfast.

2 Plate dosa (8 piece) 1 bonda 1 tea - You can get these many for 48 Rs.

Dosa and groundnut chutney was very good.
Next stop shivanasamudra. Reach early to avoid the crowd.

Gagan chukki in full flow.

In kollegal ask someone for BR hills via odanthur. You can skip Yelandur in this route. Route is good. Saves 12 Km.

Road to BR Hills.

Trees, Trees and Trees everywhere.

What can you see in BR hills?

Beautiful trees, colorful clouds, majestic mountains and nothing else.

 Jack Fruit tree near the hotel
 Kids enjoying on the empty roads
 Getting high ;)
Flowers at the guest house.

Stay: Rajathadri hill villa

Initial reaction was "ohh this place is bad" but after seeing other hotels in that area i upgraded the rating of the guest house to good.

The owner Ramseh babu was a nice person.

Guest house has 8 rooms with a small garden behind
No hotels in the hills but the food at the guest house was very good.

Home made food brought from owners house and served very hot at the guest house.

1500Rs per person per night for 2 cot room. Small room with a bathroom. Room not so great but its ok.

Road to Biligiri Rangaswamy temple. Not so great but just few hundred meters. You can choose to park the car down and walk.

Parking fee 20Rs.

Beware of monkeys.

Gigantic slippers presented by local tribes.

View from sunset point near the temple.

There are couple of places from where you can see sunset so ask someone.

Not sure when you can see sunset as its always cloudy :)

Nice cultural program by local tribes at the guest house.
Road to K.Gudi. 20 Kms from Guest house.

Safari at 3:00 PM and 6:30 AM. Only one jeep available so reach there first.

400Rs per person. Free for kids.
We reached there at 6:00 AM. There was no other visitors. The officer said the jeep has not come and 8 people are already waiting. I was wondering where? then he said they came last evening but couldn't go because of rain.

We decided to wait and at 6:20 the Jeep came but no one showed up till 6:30.

Patience pays dividend ;)
The officer said we need minimum 3 people to start safari so if you pay for 3 you can go.

We paid 1350 and took the ride. First time a Jeep safari and only 4 of us.

There are few Jeeps available but only for guest at JLR.

Only one Jeep available for outsiders.
Start of safari. Only these jeeps can handle this route.

1000 times worse than my daily route to office but enjoyed it so much :)
 First the Indian Gaur.

No luck this time :( just the pugmark of a tiger :).
Spotted couple of barking deer too but could not capture pic.
Wild Boar

Way back to guest house after the safari.

So lucky it started raining just after the safari got over.
This is what you can expect early in the morning.

Fog covering entire area.

Go prepared.
Its 9 AM in morning.

Visibility less than few meters.

Must visit place if you want to 'see nothing', 'do nothing'.
Only thing to do here is talk.
This was just a bud last evening and in the morning had turned into a beautiful flower.
 Buffet breakfast outside the room.

Acres and acres of sugarcane and rice fields on the way.

Nice dosa at setty upahara darshini in kollegal.


Room: Average.

Food: Very good.

Weather: Extremely good.

Overall: Very good.

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