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Date: 15 Aug 2014 - 16 Aug 2014

Travellers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh, Radheshyam, Usha

Stay: Hotel Tamil Nadu. Twin cottage.


Food: Average food at the hotel. Lot of small hotels to eat near Bhagavathy amman temple but average.

Stay: Awesome. Scroll down to see why.

Weather: Hot and humid.
Travell: SRS Travells.

Bus condition was ok. 15 Hrs travel.

Road Condition: Very good 4 lane highway till nagarcoil.
SH till Kanyakumari is ok.

Ferry to go to Swami Vivekananda rock and Thiruvalluvar statue.

One learning in this trip: Money can't buy everything but it can buy all needed comfort ;)

34Rs per person for ordinary queue for ferry. Crowded like crazy because of leave season.

169Rs per person for special line for which was free and no need to wait in long line.

Good thinking. These white line keeps the walking path cool on the rock.
 At Swami Vivekananda Rock.

View of Swami Vivekananda rock from Thiru valluvar rock.
Thiruvalluvar statue. The ferry first drops you at Swami Vivekananda rock and then takes you to statue. You can skip this if you want as you can take pics from shore.

Not sure why they did not connect these 2 rocks  with bridge. Many skip the valluvar statue because they need to wait for ferry again.
View of twin rocks from shore.

On the way to Kumari amman temple.

Here too money did a good job (which i am not so proud of ;) ). The priest took us directly inside skipping all queue for 100 Rs.

Shirt and vest not allowed in the temple.

Electric vehicle ply between the temple and sunset point often. They charge 10-20Rs based on the distance.

 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Memorial.

 At sunset point

Sunrise between Gandhi Memorial and Kamarajar Memorial
 Crown on Gandhi memorial.

Ultimate Peacock dance. For the first time in life have seen this.

There are more than a dozen peacock in the hotel compound. 
 Harsh and Shilpi feeding biscuit to peacock from room balcony.
Another peacock dance. 4 peacock's gave us this majestic show.
 Back view.
This is the reason i had mentioned the stay as awesome.

Took half day tour from hotel travel desk. 900Rs for half day.

First stop at Ramar temple.

 Next Shirdi Sai Baba temple

 All statue made of marble at the sai baba temple.

Suseendram temple.

Again no shirts and vests in this temple.

Specialty of this temple is the musical pillars.

Find any priest and ask them about musical pillar. They take 10Rs per person and will show you the pillar.

Really was surprised by the pillars. You can really hear music from some 5 pillars.

There are small stone pillars kept in particular angle and space between them that was creating music.

This is a must see, sorry must hear.

Next Shri Datta Temple. Situated in the middle of a coconut farm. The temple has a dome and a marking at the center. Sit under that and clap your hands and you can hear the clap echoed back.

Next Vattakotai. Not much to see hear. If you can too tired you can skip this. 
View from Vattakotai.

Last stop Vivekananda exhibition. Pictorial exhibition of swami vivekananda.

There is a 3D image at the entrance. Stand on one side and look at the feet. Then without taking your eyes of move to other side and you can see the feet moving with you.

 Shops on the temple street.

Dry fruits and spices shop.

 Sea shells.

 Made of coconut shells.

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