Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bisle Ghat Viewpoint

Date: 23rd April 2016

Travelers: Arun and Shilpi

Distance: 272 Kms one way.

Route: Bangalore - Kunigal - Chanrayapattana - Holenarasipur - Bisle ghat view point.

Route condition: Very good till last 8 kms. Could not go beyond 25kmph in last 8 Kms.

Not much to do over the weekend so Shilpi and I planned to visit Dharmasthala and Kukke subhramanya. Harsh is enjoying his vacation with grandparents and this was our first trip without him. We planned the trip only on Friday evening and all temple accommodation in Dharmasthala was full. We booked hotel in Subhramanya. While looking for the direction in net i saw few pics of Bisle ghat. The pics looked beautiful so we added Bisle ghat in last minute. The place was beautiful. When we reached there was no one else. The view of the western ghats was breathtaking. The place is secluded, plan your trip during the day. Also avoid mid day if you want to get decent pics.

Some pics from the trip.

Last good section.

Last 8 kms on the small pot holed road.

Entrance to the view point.

View point.

Majestic western ghats.

Few more click of the beautiful mountain and forest.

View point.

Path from entrance till view point.


We continued to subhramanya through the same ghat road. After driving for 3 kms a lorry driver coming in opposite informed us that the road is blocked further.  We went back to sakleshpur and drove to subhramanya.

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