Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple

Date: 23rd April 2016

Visitors: Arun and Shilpi

Fee: None. Annadhana donations can be made in office if anyone interested. Rs 500 minimum. Two laddo and direct entry to temple skipping the queue.

From Bisle ghat view point we went to subrahmanya. The road was a smooth one with trees on both sides. It was an amazing experience to drive through that winding roads. I want to go back again during rains. On the way we saw a small water fall along the road. We reached subhramanya around 2 PM. The stay we booked was in KRS nandhavana behind the kukke college. The rooms were located in the middle of a farm with lot of trees. We rested for a while and went to visit the temple. The temple was not too crowded but not too free also. We had a good darshan in the evening. We want to go back again after sunset. We walked around and visited few other temples nearby. We came back to the temple after sunset and had a good darshan once again. Though the women in the temple calls out people to move she was not rude and yelling at people. It was around dinner time and we decided to have food in the temple. The annadhana was given to devotees in a big hall. Very surprised to see devotees were made to sit in line (men and women separate line) and fed with rice, sambar, rasam, curd and a sweet. Totally coordinated effort from the people who serve food. We approximately counted around 800 people fed in one sitting. We were the second batch and not sure how many more had food. We went back to the room with both stomach and heart filled.

Few pics from the trip.

The small waterfall on the way.

Beautiful road leading to subrahmanya.

Temple gopuram and the western ghats in the background.

Biladwara where Vasuki and other snakes hid from Garuda.

Abhaya Ganapathi temple.

Vanadurga temple.

Kashikatte temple.

Selfie in front of kukke temple.

The roof of Kukke temple.

The stones kept by devotees in Adi subrahmanya temple.

Annadhana hall. Waiting for the food.

Kukke Sri Subrahmanya temple under light.

Surely an amazing place to visit. Shilpi and I liked the temple a lot and we might be going back often.

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