Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Getaway 47: Mandaragiri a.k.a Basadi betta

Date: 4th June 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Timing: Opens at 6:30 AM. More details below.

Fee: None

Distance: 85 Kms One way.

Direction: Bangalore - Nelamangala - Dabaspete - Mandaragiri

Steps: 434

Parking: Ample, road side.

Food: None available. Carry Water.

Photography: Allowed.

Decided to visit this place the moment i saw the picture of the hill in a blog. Harsh school has  reopened and now the routine of school, office, kitchen has started and so is our trips around home. This was the first place that came to my mind when we were planning. Weather has improved a lot in last few days but still we wanted to climb up before it becomes bit hot. We left home at 6:15 and reached the base of the hill at 8:15 after having food in New Agarwal bhavan. In one of the toll booth a toll attendant asked us to drop him on the way in dabaspete. We were hesitant to pick up unknown person but at end we picked him up. Understandably shilpi was tensed and gave out a big relief after we dropped him. We reached the base of the hill and parked on the side. There were couple of cars parked already. We climbed up the hill taking few breaks. The climb was a moderate one.

From down it looks very steep. We avoided the steps as much as possible and climbed the rock. It helps save some energy. There are two more temples near the base and pooja is done at all three places by one group. We spoke to the guard at peacock temple and he said the temple at top will be open at 6:30. However if some one is reaching at odd hours its better to check at the office before climb up.

The temple was open when we reached up. There was a group of people performing some pooja in one of the shrine inside the complex.

There are four shrines inside the temple complex. Two of the four shrines in the complex are of Chandranatha and other were of Parshwanatha, Suparshwanatha.

The top offers magnificent view of some of the other hills. The place is ideal to spend some time peacefully.

There were two small ponds on top and the recent rains had filled them up with decent amount of water. Harsh was very happy to see water and started is regular game of throwing stones and creating ripples in the water.

Time passes by watching the breathtaking view of the horizon from the top.

Shivgange hill can be seen from the hill top. We spent more than an hour exploring the other side of the temple.

There are many paintings around the temple of which one was unique.

The other attraction on this hill is the paintings on the walls and on the rocks. The Contact Basavaraj, 9740967542 to know if the temple is open.

A cow and a tigress drinking water from the stream. The cow feeds the cub and calf drinks milk from the tigress.

It was astonishing to see couple of huge rocks balancing on small edge.

The mydala lake is behind the temple and can be seen from the top. Again thanks to the recent rains the lake had some water.

The huge rocks offer some shade to rest and enjoy the cool breeze.

We saw a bigger group climbing up the hill while we were at the unique peacock temple (next post). So better be early to beat the crowd and the heat.

A profile picture perfect place. This is now our second favorite hill after devarabetta in Thally near Hosur.

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