Friday, June 30, 2017

How to get FASTag

Every time we get stuck in toll we think of applying for FASTag but forget about it after we cross the toll. This time we remembered and got it too. Hope we can cross that dreaded Krishnagiri toll faster now.

FASTag allows direct payment of toll from our prepaid account. This saves lot of time and fuel.
There are dedicated lane for FASTag however in some places we have seen other vehicles too going through the same lane and money paid manually.

Getting FASTag is easy and the procedure is simple.

Documents Required:
1. Copy of RC
2. Copy of DL
3. A passport size Photo
4. Copy of Address Proof
5. Copy of ID proof (Aadhar card will do for both ID and Address)
6. Cheque in favor of "ICICI ETC POOL A/C 0103SLELTCOC for Rs 500. *No cash*
7. Application form which can be downloaded from ICICI website.

Once the form is filled and all documents are ready visit the nearest point of sale location on a working day.
My case it was the mythree towers in bommanahalli. Submit the documents and get the acknowledgment receipt.
If you are visiting ICICI bank in mythree towers, bommanahalli you can contact Mr. Ram 8951879026. He was very helpful.

The whole process takes 7 days. I submitted the documents on Saturday and on Tuesday i got a message that account has been updated as per request. I had forgotten about FASTag by then and thought its some junk message. Then on Wednesday i got a message that my account XXXXXXXX is activated. Still no clue and ignored then same day another message said FASTag account No XXXXXXXX has been activated. Now i remembered it all and created the online login account.
Use the customer ID and DoB to create online FASTag account .
Once the account is created you can start transferring money to the account.
On Friday i called up Ram and found the tag was ready. Got the tag in evening.

Other points:
1. No charge if we transfer money to fastag account from ICICI bank netbanking.
2. When we change car this account needs to be closed and new tag should be obtained.
3. The balance amount in the account will be refunded when we close the account.
4. NEFT transfer allowed if you do not have cheque. *no cash*. Mentioning again as many had come without cheque.

I wish FASTag will be made compulsory along with new car registration. Yes some may not cross a toll road ever but this helps majority. 500Rs should not be a big deal while buying a car.
Also it will be good if we can link the bank account or credit card so there wont be any embarrassing no balance moment.

I wanted to test it last weekend but had some other work so could not do it. Will write another post about the fastag experience when i will cross around 6 tolls next weekend. 

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