Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Agumbe Trip: Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari

Date:  24th Jan 2015

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Tumakuru - Arsikere - Shimoga - Tyavarekoppa

Road Condition: Good. Expect delay in tolls till Tumakuru. There are few dangerous pot holes between Kadur and Tarikere
Timings: 10 AM - 1 PM, 2:15 PM to 5 PM.
Tuesday holiday. The board says holidays no entry into safari, not sure if it meant public holiday.

We reached around 10:30AM, the safari had not started because there were not enough visitors.

We waited for 10 min and few more people came. The safari started at 10:45. 

If you are going on regular weekend you may have to wait for long for enough visitors to fill the van.

There are 10 tigers in the park and like in Bannerghatta park they are in an isolated area.

Every day they let 2 tigers out of the cage and they roam around.

This gives a forest atmosphere in pictures.
The tigers are really huge. Not much of work for these giant beast. 15Kg of mutton fed everyday and finishing it of is the only task they have.


The tigers quench their thirst and cool down in these tanks.

Any one can adopt these animals. The forms are giving in the ticket counter.

Its aprox 2 lakh for a tiger per year.
Its difficult to control sleep after a full meal ;)

Look at those paws, huge, one blow and sure we will not survive.

The van goes close to the tiger cage and you can see them very close. The face is so big and so scary. Have never seen tiger at that close range.
Next was the lion section.

There are 3 lions in here. These are in cage and they don't let them out like tigers.

The safari driver said next month the park is getting 4 more lions from Gir and then they will let 2 lions out just like tigers.

Awesome eyes.

There was also a deer section where there are a lot of sambar deer. They too were huge. There are few spotted deer and blackbuck.

Fee: Adult - 30, Children - 10, camera - 50, car parking - 50. This is for the zoo and play area.

The safari fee is collected inside. Adult - 70, Kids - 35.
If you want to see only the safari then take only parking fee at the gate.

There were 10 leopards and a black panther in zoo. For me this was the only interesting thing in zoo so clicked few snaps and continued towards Agumbe.

I guess i got the manual focus correct ;)

This is just like bannerghatta safari but less crowded. Since not much is there to see the driver stops the van for long and let you take pictures till you are satisfied. 

The safari lasted for 30 min.

Kids will sure enjoy this.

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