Saturday, January 31, 2015

Agumbe Trip: Jain Temple and Sunset at Kundadri Hills

Date: 25th Jan 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush.

Route: Bangalore - Shimoga - Thirthahalli - Guddekeri - Kundadri.

Road Condition: From the base of the hill to top its 4 kms of narrow road. The road is steep but good.
We started from the home stay at around 4:30 and reached there on top at 5:15. The drive to top of the hill was very good. Some of the turnings were so steep that ertiga had to be driven in 1st gear. 

After reaching the top i saw even Omni, Nano had made it to the top ;).

There is a good parking place. No fee here though Sridhar had told us that someone will collect Rs10 at the gate.

Need to climb 60 steps to reach the Jain temple on top and the sunset point.

A small pond on top of the hill. There are couple more like this but smaller.
View of the Jain temple before sunset.
Another angle.

Reach there early and sit and enjoy the view and the cool breeze.
Isn't it a awesome place to live after retirement? ;)
Big house surrounded with trees on all sides.
Some tree.

Sridhar told us earlier lot of people go to this hill and drink. He said now its controlled much.

When we went there was a good amount of people and mostly family groups. But while coming back we saw few young men gulping alcohol sitting in car. Not sure why someone will want to come to hill top and drink.
View of another beautiful house.

BTW, Sridhar is the owner of Amthi home stay.
A beautiful Sunset at the end. Though it was cloudy it was view for too good.
View of the valley during sunset.

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