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Eateries in Mysore

Date: 18th April 2015 - 19th April 2015

Foodie: Arun

Another weekend to spend alone and so i decided to visit Mysore. I wanted to visit the Zoo primarily.

Booked train tickets and started Saturday morning.

On the way in train they were bringing lot of food items to eat and suddenly it stuck me "why don't i try famous food places in Mysore"

Checked with friends and also the outlook traveler and finalized on few hotels to eat. 
Below is my experience eating in few famous eateries in Mysore.

Reached Mysore in noon and the first hotel that i visited was Hotel Dasaprakash. This was a famous chain of hotels. Visited here for Lunch. The service starts at 12:30.

For lunch you get only meals and chapathi.

Ordered a special meal which is Rs90. Yes we still get meals for less than 100. Surprised.

It was a full meal with soup and 2 chapathis and a bowl of rice.
Chapathi and variety rice was good. Tomato soup did not have rusk and that was a disappointment. 

I was hesitant to take sambar because of sweet sambars that i eat in Bengaluru. Surprisingly it was not sweet.

The curd was nice thick and greasy. This was the best of all.

Overall it was a good meal but not something extraordinary. My personal View.
It was time to have some evening snack and i decided on Bomaby tiffany's. As per outlook it was famous for its rava idly and badam milk.

A different kind of disappointment was waiting for me there.

They had stopped the tiffin service long back and they only have sweets and chats. But atleast they had badam milk and my 2Km walk did not go in vain.

Rs 32 for a cup of this Badam milk and it was good one.

There was plenty of crushed almonds floating on top. They had cold and hot badam milk, i preferred cold one.

Overall it was a good one. One can also try variety of sweets there.
Next was the famous Guru sweets.

Mysore-pak is the specialty of this shop.

As you can see it was such a small shop but saw many people getting sweets here. Sure its a famous one.

Got 2 piece of the famous mysore-pak, they gave it along with handful of spicy mixture. Very thoughtful.
It was not too sweet. It was not too hard. It tasted ok.

Rs360 for a Kg and i took 250gms to give it in office.

Next day i also took another 250gms of Mysore-pak from nandhini milk parlour to compare.

As i thought people in office also liked Nandhini one than the Guru one.

Nandhini Mysore pak was sweet and feel like its melting inside. so side by side comparison everyone prefer Nandhini.

Overall it was good but....
Dinner time it is. Walked upto Hotel Mylari in Nazarbad.

I was expecting it to be some kind of old build but did not imagine it will be this small.

They do serve only Plain, masala dosa and coffee.

I took a Plain dosa. Used to of the dark, crispy and oily Bengaluru dosa i was happy seeing golden brown, folded and less oily dosa.

Rs30 Dosa is served with butter and coconut chutney, both my favorite.

Spread the butter on top of the dosa and took the first bite and i was like yeah rite this is it :)
Without waiting to finish the first one i ordered for one more. It was like a home made dosa and the chutney combination was excellent.

Soft outer part and light crispy inner part.

Coffee was kind of ok.  I prefer coffee in Balaji, BTM.

Overall, I am sure going back there again.
Sunday morning breakfast at Iyengar's tiffin center. Here they do have all breakfast items like dosa, idly, vada and upma.

As usual ordered plain dosa and again it was a golden, folded, less greasy dosa. So it only in Bengaluru they do that dark oily dosa.

Dosa and the chutney were nice. Sambar again was a non sweet one so that too was good.
Looking around i saw they also had bonda and thought of trying that.

It was made of same batter as like uddin vada but in a ball shape.

It was cooked well inside and outer part was crispy to right amount (cannot explain just eat it ;) )
This bonda sambar was very good and one can try it.

Rs20 for dosa, Rs20 for Bonda and Rs10 for the coffee.

Overall, This was a good option for breakfast.

Finally my rating

1. Mylari

2. Iyengar's

3. Dasaprakash

4. Bombay Tiffany's

5. Guru Sweets

There are still plenty more places like Hotel Ramya, Nalapak, Indra etc. Need to try these next time when i visit Mysore.

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