Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hoysala Temples 4: Hosaholalu

Date:  5th April 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Mandya - Melukote - Krishnarajapete - Hosaholalu

Distance: 170Km one way

Route condition: Good.
Beautiful road from Mandya with trees on both side. Especially after driving through the crowded Mysore road.

Original plan was to visit Shravanbelgola first and then visit Hosaholalu but became late and hot to climb up 600 steps.

Changed plan to spend time till evening in near by temples and climb Shravanbelgola in evening.
Lakshminaraya Temple in Hosaholalu.

The temple complex like other Hoysala temples as a nice lawn around and neatly maintained.

Lord Ganesh. In child form, look at the legs position.

I asked the priest if i can take the picture of the pillars inside the temple and he said you can even take inside.

No temple allows photographs inside but here the priest allowed.
Lord Narayan. Main god in the temple.
Beautiful roof structure.
Ornate pillars. Generally the lathed pillars will be plain but this had some carvings.
Lord Narashimhan. Zoom in and see near the right leg of the god. You can see Baktha prahalatha. Only temple in Karnataka where you can see this.
 Lord Krishna.
Lord Hanuman, between all the flower decorations.
Rear view of the temple. 
Common feature of Hoysala temples. Six molding frieze with center one depicting story of Ramayana and  Mahabaratha.
Relief of  other gods.
Another beautiful wall relief.
Lord Krishna playing his flute.
We reached around 12 noon and it was hot. Would suggest all to wear socks as the stones get extremely hot and cannot walk.  
Various forms of Lord Narayana carved around the outer wall.
When we reached there were lot of kids playing outside and every one came inside asking to take pictures.

They called mama mama (uncle) and were so kind. They were all very happy to see their pictures.

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