Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend Getaway: 22. Worlds largest monolithic stone statue at Shravanabelgola

Date: 5th April 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route and Road condition: Check Hosaholalu

Fee: Parking Rs20, Footwear room Rs3.

After visiting Lakshminarayana temple at Hosaholalu we went to Shravanbelgola.

It was around 2:30 PM and was hot. We decided to eat and then rest in the nearby park and climb after 4.
Asked the person collecting the parking fee about a good hotel to eat. He said there are many hotels but today there is some Jain function and they provide food in the mutt.

We decided to eat there, it was crowded but the line was moving fast. We had nice hot sambar and rasam rice with sweet and buttermilk.

When we finished lunch something wonderful happened.
The sun went hiding behind the clouds and weather turned pleasant. We started climbing immediately.

It was total of 600+ steps and climb was not difficult.

Kids resting in half way.
One is not allowed to wear footwear. Socks allowed. Even if you forget there are many people selling socks at the entrance. 

View of chandragiri hills and the white pond.

View of the town from half way.
Some writings on rock protected by glass panel.
View of lord Gommateshwara atop the hill.

The statue is largest monolithic stone statue. Build somewhere around 981AD.

Lot of interesting reads available on net about the history of Lord Bahubali.
He had meditate here in standing position and attained enlightenment. The ant hill and the creepers encircling his legs and arms.
Seeing the world with his open eyes.
View of the temple from top  of the hill.
Doorway with godesses Lakshmi sitting on a lotus.
Some small sculpture carved on the rocks.
Tyagada Kamba. A beautifully carved pillar.
Palanquin used to carry elderly people who cannot climb up.

Carried by 4 people.
A cute squirrel on a rock.
And just after we climbed down and started drive back to Bengaluru it started raining.

Lord Bahubali was very courteous on us :)

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