Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekend Getaway 36: Silver Beach, Cuddalore

Date: 28th Jan 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Timing: NA

Fee: Parking Rs 50

The lesser popular beach is located in Cuddalore, 45 Kms from Chidambaram. We left hotel after 2 PM and reached the beach around 3:15. The road was very good till the town and then 2 or 3Kms gets bad. We expected lesser crowed but not this low. There were just 4 cars parked near the entrance and all the small shops opening one by one. This time i decided to play in water first before clicking few pics. Left the camera in car and three of us went to the beach. The beach was clean and very nice. There were few people playing in water and we too kept the changing cloths and got into water. Harsh was very happy and he had good fun. All of us played in water was more than an hour. I went out first to bring camera and capture few pics. After saying 5 more minutes for 5 times Harsh agreed to come out. Shilpi gave her glasses to the sea goddess. We convinced Harsh to go for horse riding and after pestering he agreed to go. It was Rs 50 for one round. He was scared initially then while getting down he said it was fine but his back hurts because of the hard seat. By the time all the shops were open. Mostly it were all snacks shop. We had fried Gobi which was 30Rs for 100 gms. Sure the oil must be old and unhealthy but the taste was too good. We had two packs. Harsh too was very hungry that he had 3 oily banana bajji. Masala poori was another item that we tried. Everything tasted so good.

Few pics from the place.

Harsh in front of Silver beach.

Beautiful and less crowded beach.

Harsh and Shilpi playing in water.

He just doesn't want to come out.

Harsh on horse.

Next baloon shooting. Its 3 shots for 10Rs. He shot 2 in the first round. He wanted to do it again. The riffle was bit heavy for him and second time shot 1.

Circular stone bench.

The lady selling bajji told this is how it will be always and may be on Sunday few more people will be there. Any trip to this part of Tamilnadu and we will surely add this again to the plan.

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