Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weekend Getaway 39: Masinagudi Trip

Date: 11th and 12th Feb 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Distance: 265 Kms one way

Fee: Toll at Nice road.

Road Condition: Very Good.

It was Harsh wish to stay in a tree house. After seeing a tree house in Chotta Bheem he was asking he too want to stay on a tree house. We found Innthhwild resort which offers a tree house. Since there was only one tree house it was always booked. We booked it a month in advance though their website. Shilpi and I did not tell him about the stay. We had said him only that we are going to forest and stay in a room. We started at 6 AM in the morning on 11th. As usual there was slight traffic on Mysore road. Once we took the ORR in mysore the traffic magically disappeared. It was a 6 lane ORR (Did not repeat the mistake of narrow Bangalore ORR). It was long since we went to any trip on the nanjangud-gundalpet road. Our past experience was a narrow road with lot of pot holes. Based on that i had informed the resort manager i will be reaching around 12:30. All my plan fell flat but in a good way. The road was widened and made 4 lane with divider little after nanjangud. After that till gundalpet the road was two name but very smooth and the traffic again was very less. After Gundalpet there were couple of sections where the road work was still going on but it was not bad. We reached thepakadu around 10:20. We did not want to go very early to the resort. We went 5kms towards gudalur and came back. This was the first time we did not see an elephant or a bison in Bandipur and Mudumalai. The trees were totally dried up. The trees closer to the road was all burnt. We saw plenty of spotted deer and monkeys. As usual at some point we stopped clicking pics of the deer and monkey. We then took the turn towards masinagudi. The google maps was showing a left turn but the turn did not look like a road. Decided to drive further and we reached masinagudi. We called the resort manager and he guided us to reach Singara check post. He said his man is already waiting at the check post for us. We reached the check post and inquired the security or may be police about the resort. He said park the car on the side and they will come and pick us. There were two cars parked already. I was confused and parked the car and saw a jeep waiting. I went to the driver and asked him about the resort and he said yes sir another jeep will come and pick you and leave the car here. Then came an open jeep and we shifted to it. It was a 3Kms drive from the check post and it was one hell of a ride. Thank god i did not follow google maps. I wouldn't call that a road and we dont blame it as its not a official road. Its just a path that was created by resort and estate owners probably. All our body parts changed place for a while and we did enjoy the ride. Finally we reached the resort. We gave both our ID proofs and filled up the forms.

Few pics from the drive.

Forest road.

Gray Langur.

Spotted deer allover.

Crossing the state border.

Chital with big antlers.

Another shot of the road.

Still Harsh doesn't know we are staying in a tree house.

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