Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weekend Getaway 41: Activities @ Inn the Wild

Date: 11th ad 12th Feb 2017

Travelers: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

More info about the place in previous blog. We went for the nature walk with the property naturalist Muthu. At the start he told us that today we will surely not see anything. There was another group of 5 adults and some 6 to 7 kids. He said with these many kids shouting no animal will come out. Later he said Sir come at 6:30 next morning and most only adults will be coming in at that time and we will go bit deeper. So we did not hurry and try to see anything we just went around the property for a casual walk. We saw a langur and few wild boar. At one place Muthu started running saying he saw an wild dog. We could not follow it and i could only see something running faster inside. Then we came back to the reception and played badminton for some time. We went back to the room and waited for the safari to start. At 7 PM sharp the safari jeep came. Again muthu was our guide in that. The safari was also around the same property only but most animals will come out and we expected to spot something. Muthu said us that previous batch saw a herd of bison and took us straight to that place. The timid animals had already moved out. We could not see any bison. I stood back in the open jeep and the terrain was too rough. It was too hard to hold the camera and to balance in the jeep. We saw a bird sitting in the trail. We shooed and put light on it but it refused to move out. Finally muthu got down and went closer to the bird and it flew away. Next we spotted plenty of deer. A wild rabbit ran inside the bushes hearing the jeep noise. Everyone except me spotted a porcupine. We tried to chase it inside the bushes but i could not see it. The safari ended after 30 min. We had a nice dinner and sat across the camp fire for a while. We got dropped to the room around 9 PM. Thus ending the day at Inn the wild.

Some pics from the trip.

Orange color bird. Not sure of the name.

Moon during the safari.

Wild Rabbit.

The bird that refused to move out.

Spotted deer spotted.

Camp fire in front of the reception.

Buffalo killed by a tiger few days back and left near the tree house.

We initially thought the buffalo was dead. Lot of birds were sitting on it and picking something. We informed the person at the resort and he said the owners will come and collect it if something had happened. After some 30 min it got and walked slowly. We still think it was wounded.

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