Monday, May 1, 2017

Boating at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady

Date: 3rd April 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh, Muthusamy, Vijayalakshmi and Sneha

Timings: 7:30AM, 9:30 AM, 11:15AM, 1:45PM, 3:30PM.

Fee: Adult - 225, Child - 75, Camera 38.

Boating at periyar wildlife sanctuary is the in attraction in Thekkady. We have been advised to book for boating before we reach there as it will be crowded and its hard to get tickets. I tried to book ticket and it was not a user friendly page so i thought i will book it in counter. When we were at dream catcher resort on day one Gopi again asked us if we have booked for boating. I said no and he said please book through your mobile it will be crowded. Now that we have been asked twice we decided to book. There was no airtel signal in dream catcher resort in munnar. The receptionist at the resort allowed us to use their system and we managed to book the ticket. After payment we got an error message but got a mail saying payment success. We reached thekkady on 3rd and finished our elephant ride in morning. We checked into silver crest resort, thekkady and went to the information counter of wild life sanctuary near the hotel. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the forest unless you are staying in forest resort. We took the sanctuary bus and went inside the forest area. When we reached it was absolutely free and we were third in line to get the ticket. We showed our reservation and they said our ticket is not confirmed and asked us to take fresh tickets. They gave us a number to contact for refund. Same happened for the person standing before and after us. We paid and booked ticket without any hassle. Our timing was 3:30 and there was an hour to kill. We sat there under the tree and was resting for a while. At 3:30 we boarded our boat and the person who wrote the seat number mixed it up with another group and there was confusion for a while. However all three boats slotted for 3:30 had few seats vacant so people adjusted and our trip started. We saw plenty of birds and wild boar, lot of sambar deer a turtle. Highlight was the big animals the elephant and the bison. The two guides on the boat told the name of most birds. They had the experience to spot the animals. It was one and half hour ride and it was totally worth it. We had nice fun watching the animals.

Few pics from periyar wildlife sanctuary boating.

Harsh in front of state animals of India stone. Very less water in the river and it was so painful to see the drying river.

Picture says it all. Monkey quenching its thirst.

Sambar deer.

One of my favorite picture. Both the deer and the elephant in single frame.

Few birds by the river.

Deers playing in water.

Indian guar grazing.

A must visit place in Kerala and anyone interested in wildlife should not miss this.

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