Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend Getaway 45: Kotilingeshwara temple, Kolar

Date: 28th May 2017

Visitors: Pic below.

Fee: Entry Rs 20, Camera Rs 100. No fee for mobile.

Timing: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Main Deity: Lord Shiva in the name of Manjunatha

This year was temple visit for the kids rather than malls or any game parlor. As part of the trip we planned to visit the famous Kotiligeshwara temple in Kolar. Surprisingly a group of 13 people got ready on planned time however the trip got delayed by 45 min because of other factors. We left home at 7:45 and the traffic already build up near KR puram area. Had to wait in a long Hoskote toll queue. Again waiting for table at SLV hotel for breakfast. After all the wait we reached the temple at 10:45 AM. There was a good amount of vehicles parked. We got the tickets and went to the temple. The temple complex has many smaller shrines for various gods. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva idols can be found in one shrine. There are only very few temples for Lord brahma in India, the main one in pushkar, Rajasthan.  There are currently 90 lakh Shiva linga of various size and shape kept in Kotilingehwara temple. The devotees can purchase linga in the temple and place it somewhere in the temple complex.

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Apart from shiva Linga you can find idols of few other gods as well. The cost varies for all shape and size.

The first Shiva linga, Manjunatha was kept in 1980 and now after 37 years it has reached to the count of 90 Lakhs.

The devotees can keep the lingas and it costs somewhere between 4500 to 6000Rs for installing a linga in the temple complex.

And you can also find Shiva lingas installed by the fans of some celebrity. We saw 2 Rajinikanth, 1 Kamalhasan and a Jayalalitha Lingas installed right in front of the huge Linga.

The 108ft Linga is one of the biggest Shiva lingas in the world. The nandi is 35ft big.

The place is more of a tourist spot and with bahubali mania you can find people giving pose trying to lift Shiva Lingas.

A second bigger Shiva Linga and Nandi is also installed newly. We did not see that last time where we visited.

People who have installed lingas also perform pooja for their lingas of special occasions. The pooja for all lingas is performed by a group of priests everyday.

Like any other Shiva temple, this too gets crowded during Shivarathri festival.

There are few shops outside the temple selling photos and idols. There is also a small hotel but not sure of the food taste and quality.

The kotilingeshwara temple is one of famous tourist place around Bangalore. The other famous places like Antara gange, Kolaramman temple, Someshwara temple can be combined together and made an one day trip from bangalore.

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