Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekend Getaway 43: Srikalahasti Temple, Srikalahasti

Date: 14th May 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi Aarush, Radheshyam, Usha, Sourav and Harsh

Fee: Rs 50. Free available as in all temples. The price for Rahu Ketu pooja varies from 300-5000.

Main Deity: Lord Shiva

Srikalahasti temple is the only panchabhoota sthala present outside of Tamil Nadu. Other 4 panchabhootha sthala are
Lord shiva in this temple represents wind (vayu). This temple is famous for the rahu ketu pooja and we saw various places offering the pooja service at varying cost. As always the low cost one was crowded and pooja was performed in a hall. The 2500Rs one was performed inside the main shrine and were only limited people. There were poojas for 500 and 1500 as well. The temple is around 1500 years old and its the only temple in India which is not closed during solar and lunar eclipse. There is a smaller temple on top of the adjoining hill for Kannapa nayanar. He was one of the 63 nayanars. The legend says he was ready to offer both his eyes when he saw the blood was oozing from the shiva linga. Shiva moved by his devotion stopped him and gave him back the eyesight. 
The temple was bit crowded when we reached but it was moving fine. There are many smaller shrines inside including Ganesha and Karthikeyan. We climbed up to the kannapar temple on the hill to get the full view of the temple. The view the beautiful and it would have been even pleasant if there was water in Swarnamukhi river. 
Few pics from the place.

One of the famous Hindu temples dedicated to lord Shiva and a must visit place.

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