Monday, July 3, 2017

Weekend Getaway 54: Iravadeswarar Temple, Hosur

Date: 1st July 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Timing: Not fixed. Read below.

Fee: None

Distance: 55 Kms one way

Direction: Bangalore - Hosur - Bukkasandaram - Athimugam - Iravadeshwarar temple. Follow google maps till last 700 m and then read below.

Parking: Available. Road side.

Food: Small snacks available near by.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple.

Iravadeswarar temple is located in Athimugam village near Hosur. The temple is 1500 years old and has an interesting story behind it. Virudhasura was disturbing the sages and killing them. The sages complained to Lord Indira. Lord Indira killed the asura virudhasura with help of is vehicle iravatham, the elephant. Lord Indira got brammahati dosha since he killed a living being. He and his divine elephant found a suyambu linga and did pooja for 48 days to get relieved from the dosha. At the end of 48 days Lord Shiva appeared before them and relieved them of the dosha. The face of the elephant was naturally carved on the suyambu linga as the lord was pleased with the dedication of the divine elephant. Thus the name Iravathewarar temple.

Another unique feature of this temple is that there are two deities inside the sanctum sanctorum. Akilandavalli amman graces the devotees from behind the suyambu lingam.

The sanctum was closed when we went. We could only see the Linga from outside and the amman behind was covered with a screen.

Also the nandi is not straight infront of the Linga. Its moved slightly so that the sun rays fall on the linga in the month of Thai (jan-feb) during sunset.

We went around the sanctum and saw statues of lord Vishnu, Bhramha and Durga devi and few other. There is also a navagraha inside the mandapa.

The elderly women who showed us around the temple told us the temple will be open in morning and in evening on Monday's and Friday's. Other days it may or may not be open.

On the pradosham day there will be a good crowd.

There are 5 lingas of varying size to the left of the main temple.

The anthill is believed to be as old as the temple.

There is also a shrine for Lord Ganesha and Akilandeshwari amman on each side.

We spent around half an hour and drove back home. Harsh has field trip to a brick factory this week.. We saw a kiln and stopped by to see the brick making process in advance.

The temple is below the ground level and the linga is further down.

The temple is located in middle of the village with narrow access road. Last 500m was very bad and had to drive very carefully. After Indian oil petrol bunk google maps asks to take left, instead drive another 100m straight and take the left. Within 50m you will find the board and a narrow road which leads to the temple.

A very interesting temple with religious significance left in ruins.

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