Sunday, February 1, 2015

Agumbe Trip: Trek to Doddegudda

Date:  25th Jan 2015

Trekkers: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh, Aarush, Sridhar, Anup and Subramanya.

Difficulty: Moderate with Kids

Duration: 3hrs

We had a good breakfast at the homestay and started for the trek at 9 AM.
We reached the base point of the hill in 15 min.
You can also walk from the home stay but since we had kids we did not want to make them tired even before we start.

Parked the car at the guide subramanya house and started the trek.

The trek was through one section of the agumbe forest. 
The route was very beautiful with lots of trees and cool wind.

We decided to trek till how much ever the kids can walk and stop. Anup (another guest at Amthi homestay) and the guide can go till top.

The kids though tired walked up half distance with encouragement from Shilpi.
It was a completely different experience. 
We reached to an open spot in the midway and rested for a while.

All 3 kids ;) taking rest.

We decided to stay back here and others can complete the trek.

The guide and Sridhar said since you can come this far we can climb a bit more and there is a even more nice place to rest and see.
We resumed the trek. We had to carry the kids in some section as the plants was much taller than them ;)
We reached the second resting spot.

We left Shilpi and the kids under a tree and continued the trek. The plan was i will reach the top and come back to the family and others will continue for another 30 min and come back.
Resumed the walk to the top. It was a bit hot out here as it was open and not much trees.
Its me.

The view from the top of the hill was truly amazing. Worth the effort put.

Beautiful view of Varahi backwaters.
The water level has receded and that makes the place stunning.
Few other angles of the backwaters.

Picturesque mountains.
Cloud formation somewhat like J&K.
View of akki bethe rasi gudda.

Tired trio :) ready to walk back.

The climb down was much faster and we reached the base by 12:30 PM. Guide fee was 750Rs which was shared between us and Anup.

That ended our trek to doddegudda.

We drove back to the homestay and had a nice lunch.

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