Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vijayapura Trip: Gagan Mahal

Date: 12th August 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM.

Fee: None.

Parking: Available. Road side.

Food: Small snacks available near by.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Asar Mahal, Bara Kaman.

Gagan Mahal, Sky Palace is one of the tourist attraction in Bijapur. The palace was built by the 5th Adil Sahi ruler Ali Adil Shah I. The ground floor of the palace was used as durbar hall and the top floor the royal residence. At a height of 66 ft the central arch in the palace is the biggest in Vijayapura. Royal ceremonies would have been conducted in this hall. The wide central arch would have paved way for the citizens to watch the proceedings from the garden.  The residence and the hall are mostly in ruins. The last ruler of Adil Sahi dynasty, Sikandar Adil Shah surrendered to Aurangzeb from this palace.

The floral design on the facade which is a common pattern in Indo Islamic architecture can be found in most monuments.

View of the garden from the royal court.

More flower patterns on the walls of the hall.

Dome on the first floor.

Smaller arches on the sides leading to first floor.

The beautiful garden in front of the palace.

Looks nice seen from any angle.

We were here.

Like most places in Bijapur this palace too will be fascinating only if interested in history of the land.

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