Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vijayapura Trip: Jamia Mosque

Date: 13th Aug 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Fee: None.

Parking: Available.

Food: Available.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Mehtar Mahal, Jod Gumbaz.

Jama mosque or Jamia Mosque is the largest mosque in Deccan region. The construction of the mosque was begun by Ali Adil Shah in 1537. More structures were added by later Adil Shahi kings. In 1686 Aurangzeb after capturing Bijapur added an ornamental gateway to the mosque with four minarets. The main hall covers around 37000 sq ft and can accommodate 4000 worshipers. The mihrab in west wall is decorated in black and gold. There are 6 Persian inscriptions done by Malik Yakub by the order of Muhammed Adil Shah in 1636. Some of the inscriptions roughly translate to 'Life is short, put no interest in it', 'Life is the best gift but does not last'.

The entrance left of the mosque which is used mainly.

The arches on the sides of the left entrance.

View of the mosque from the east.

The ornate east entrance.

Mihrab on west wall.

View of the main dome and the small minarets.

Few closer look at the Mosque.

Mehtar Mahal is next on list.

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