Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vijayapura Trip: Gol Gumbaz

Date: 14th Aug 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Fee: Rs 15 per Adult and Rs 25 camera.

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM. Closed on Friday. Museum - 9 AM to 5 PM.

Parking: Available.

Food: Available.

Photography: Allowed in Gol gumbaz and not inside Museum.

Other attractions nearby: Jama Mosque, Asar Mahal.

Gol Gumbaz is the mausoleum of the 7th Adil Shahi ruler Muhammad Adil Shah. Completed in 1659 after 20 years of craftsmanship is an architectural wonder. The central dome which is the main attraction of the monument is the largest unsupported dome. Muhammad Adil Shah surely over took his fathers work, Ibrahim Roza, by size but is no match in ornamental beauty. The complex also houses a museum and a mosque.

The top chamber can be reached by climbing narrow winding steps of the octagonal structure at the corner.

Tombs of the members of royal family.

The dome supported by 8 intersecting arches. The structure was designed by the architect Yaqut from Dabul.

One of the interesting stories about the place is the stone hanging from a chain above the entrance. Its said the king got this meteorite chunk which fell in Bijapur. He believed this will bring good luck to the kingdom.

Another attraction is the whispering gallery where the slightest of the sound can be heard on the other side 40m away.

Everyone including us turned the whispering gallery into a screaming gallery. We couldn't really hear the sound echoing 7 or 11 times.

View of the Bijapur town.

The mosque on the right side.

The museum in trumpet house of Gol gumbaz has collections of stone inscriptions in various languages, coins from medieval period, chinaware, weapons, paintings, carpets etc.

View from the lofty garden.

We were here.

Rightly called as Pride of Bijapur is one the interesting places to see in Vijayapura.

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