Friday, February 27, 2015

Aero Show 2015

Date: 22 Feb 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Fee: 600 per person. Free for less than 5 year kids.
Crossed the security check after standing in a long restless queue.

The show has already begun and we found a place to sit and settle down.

We decided to stay behind and not go very close to the fence as it was too crowded.

Tejas LCA performing some beautiful stunts.
The highlights of the show was the Breitling wingwalkers.

Two women standing on the flying plane and performing stunts.

The plane even went upside down for some time.

This was amazing stunt.
Rafale aircraft.

Next is UK Yakvolevs team.
We just loved it.

Spectacular views.
Risky moves.

US team jumping with parachute.
Delight to watch Globemaster.

Sarang acrobatics team.
Finally the IAF Light Combat Helicopter Rudra.
The visit finally ended with nice photo session.
Carry umbrella, sun glasses and water without fail.

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