Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Visit to Kelagur Tea plantation and an unknown waterfall.

Date:  7th Feb 2015

Visitors: Arun, Ashok, Bharani, Sreekanth, Shashi, Sunil, Siddharth, Akshay, Ankit, Abhilash and Naveen.

Fee: 25Rs per person for Tea factory visit.
Kelagur tea factory was the first place we visited in sunksale.

Our original plan was to visit Bandaje Fallsbut Prasanna said there is no water in this falls and no point going there.

He suggested that we visit this tea plantation and we agreed.
The estate and the factory is around 5 Km from Girisiri home stay.

The whole plantation was owned by Mathias family.

They market the tea in the same name as Kelagur tea.
The plantation was very beautiful with greenery on every side.

One can visit here if they have time.

Road through the tea plantation.
We had a photo session for around 15 min :)

This is one among that. Akshay and Sreekanth posing for a nice pic.

Next on the list was visit to a small water fall. Prasanna had confirmed that there is enough water to play and we were all excited.
This is the route to the falls. Sometimes its better to have bad road ;)

First stage of the falls.

The water was clean and very cold.
We got ready with our life jacket to get into the water. We need to climb down to reach the actual falls.
The falls had a decent flow of water and there was enough water below the falls for us to play.

It gets deeper as we get very close to the falls.

With life jacket no need to worry about drowning and just enjoy.

There was no one other than our gang.

We spent more than an hour in the water and it was real fun. 

Soon after the monsoon there would have been many leaches and more flow of water so i guess Jan or Feb is ideal time.
Its me :)

If anyone knew the name of this falls please let me know.

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