Tuesday, February 24, 2015

People at Aero 2015

Date:  22nd Feb 2015

We planned to visit Aero show on sunday 22nd Feb. I thought it was Ind Vs SA and so it will be less crowded. I was clean bowled. Look at the queue for security check.
Took more than an hour to reach the venue from Hebbal.

People were becoming anxious standing in the queue. All hell broke loose after 15 min and everyone started rushing to the gates as the show got started. This delayed the check even more.

There were people everywhere. It was  fascinating to watch people in the crowd. This post shows some of the moments captured here.
Couldn't take the eyes of the sky.

The snacks vendor making some good money. All the prices were doubled.
Some foreigners  with professional camera. Must have enjoyed the show and would have caught some breathtaking pictures.
Selfie craze. Gonna be there for some more time.
Kids trying to get a glimpse of the big birds.
Some fancy umbrella. 
A happy Kulfi vendor waiting to open the next lot.
This would have cheered the baby more than those fighters.
Inside the food court. 
The cars and bikes parked in a dried up lake outside the airforce station yelahanka.

There were hundreds of people sitting on the trees and half constructed buildings. They too were getting a decent view of the show. Only thing they miss is the take off and landing.

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