Monday, February 2, 2015

Hoysala Temples: 3. Amruthapura

Date: 26th Jan 2015

Visitor: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Aarush

Route: Bangalore - Tumkuru - Arsikere - Tarikere - Amruthapura
We visited the temple on the way back home from Agumbe.

The route from the tarikere to Amruthapura is bad. Some sections there are only loose gravel and no road but drivable.
The temple like other Hoysala temples is very beautiful.

One of the common feature of Hoysala temples are the smooth lathe turned pillars. Here all the pillars are of same type.

An ornate roof.
This temple outer wall is not made of friezes which is a common style in Hoysala temples. Its different here and not sure of the name for this kind of structure.
We reached here around 12:30 PM and it was hot even in the month on Jan. Be sure to wear socks if you want to walk around the temple and admire the beautiful carvings.
View of the temple vimana structure.

There is some gardening work going on around the temple. Good care needed to preserve these beautiful monuments.
View of the temple from the back entrance. 
Simple stone base at the back.
Wall decorated with intricate carvings.
Some of the structures are damaged already.

The temple outer wall depicts the story of Ramayana, Mahabaratha and Life of Lord Krishna.
A scene where Lord Ram's Arrow pierce through 7 trees and kills a snake.
A scene from Ramayana.
Fight from Ramayana.
Life of Lord Krishna. The cows and people mesmerized by Krishna's Music. 
Lord Krishna standing on Kaliya the poisonous snake.
Lord Krishna tied to a mortar as a punishment by Mother Yashoda.
Baby Krishna steeling butter.
Not sure of the next 2 but the carvings are too beautiful.

Next Mahabharata.

A scene where Duchathana pulling Draupadi by her hair and trying to disrobe.

Pandavas and Kauravas playing the Dice game.

One of the places that should not be missed if you are interested in ancient architecture.
The view from outside the temple.

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