Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend Getaway: 26. Betrayaswamy Temple, Denkanikotai

Date: 28th Nov 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Fee: Nothing

Wanted to visit the panchapalli dam from long and we got time this weekend. Did some reading of the dam and came to know about couple of temples on the way to the dam.  First we visited betarayaswamy temple. In tamil its vettaiadiya piran. The story goes that yaksha a rakhsnasha was disturbing the devatas in that area. Kanva munivar was also meditating under a tree and he was disturbing him too. Kanva Muni called lord venkateshwara for help and the lord came disguising in the form of a hunter. The lord defeated the rakshasha and stayed in denkanikotai as betrayaswamy as per the wish of kanva munivar. The deity here is of lord venkateshwara accompanied by sridevi and bhudevi. The deity is beautifully decorated.

Also see: Panchapalli dam and Lakshminarashimha swamy temple.

Some pics from the temple.

The view of the 5 layer Gopuram and the temple tank.

The stone and a brass flagstaff.

Some of the 3d carvings on the pillars of the temple. The renovation work is going on in the temple.

Tulasi plant inside the temple.

Mahakumbabishekam happened few days back and all the pillars and roof was painted new.

Few pillars in the temple.

All the avatharas of the lord vishnu was carved in the pillars along with few other gods.

The flower design on the roof.

Old stone pillars and carvings on them.

The statue of kanva muni under the tree.

Harsh feeding idly to the fishes in the temple tank.

There is also a temple for godesses soundarya valli inside the complex. The temple with an  interesting story is a nice place for a one day trip along with near by places.

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