Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend Getaway: 29. Panchapalli Dam

Date: 29th Nov 2015

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi and Harsh

Fee: None

After visiting betrayaswamy temple we drove to the panchapalli dam. The road to the dam was beautiful and scenic. The drive was a enjoyable one as there was not much vehicle on the road.
The place was so peaceful except for it was bit hot. We parked the car under a shade and had our lunch. We knew we will not have much option on the way so had packed idly from Balaji restaurant.
After lunch we took a walk near the dam. The walkway on the dam was blocked and we were not allowed to walk. There was 2 small water falls on the way to the dam. There was no one at the small falls but the path was not a easy one. Need to jump over the rock so decided not to do it. The bit bigger one had a easy path but there were few people so did not go there. While coming back we found a small stream of flowing water and spent some time there and made up for not going to the falls. The dam was full as there was a decent amount of rain in last one month.

Some pics from the visit.

Beautiful road leading to the dam.

A temple on the way to dam.

The small falls on the way to the dam.

View of the reservoir.

Some fishing activity in the dam.

The view of the dam.

One of the doors open and the water flowing from the dam.

Nice time sitting along the stream and enjoying playing in the water.

On the way back an army of monkey's surrounded the car on 3 sides and was looking at us for food.

The road to the dam with a small mountain on one side.

One of the nice weekend gateway from Bengaluru.The dam along with Betrayaswamy temple and Gavi sree lakshminarashimha swamy temple makes a nice one day trip from Bengaluru.

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