Saturday, July 15, 2017

FASTag Experience

After getting FASTag we used it in multiple tolls and this post is about the experience. The first toll we crossed with the tag is the electronic city phase 1 while visiting Iravadeswarar Temple near Hosur. It took some time to get to that dedicated fastag lane. After entering the lane we only had to slow down and drive through. It was a smooth exit. We were supposed to get message for each toll but we did not get any. Same was the case most of the time. The transaction details can be checked online in the fastag account.

Next was the attibelle toll. Single journey charge is Rs 25 and if the return is on same day its Rs 40.
When we cross the toll first Rs 25 is deducted and during the return Rs 15 is deducted from the account making it Rs 40. Another advantage of FASTag in this case is we don't have to worry about saving the bill for return.

Last week during our trip to home the drive through EC, Attibelle, krishnagiri and dharmapuri was all smooth except in the EC toll during return. However today while checking the transaction we noticed that the money for not deducted in Dharmapuri toll both the times. This is another advantage ;). In the EC toll while coming back the reader did not detect the tag and the boom barrier did not open. We had to pay and cross but we see that the amount is deducted. This too can happen but i hope it will not repeat.

Hope someday fastag will be the norm as i have mentioned in my how to get fastag page and the drive on our highways will be much smoother than now.

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