Monday, July 17, 2017

Hypothecation Removal Procedure - Step 1

A car purchased on loan will be hypothecated to the lender. This needs to be removed from the RT Office where the car is registered. This post is to explain the procedure we followed. Its a simple procedure and no need to take help from any agent.

Our registration is KA 05, Jayanagar. The office is in the 2nd floor of 4th block bus stand.
The office is open from 10 AM on Saturday.

Documents Required:

1. Original Registration card.
2. Original NOC from the bank.
3. Form 35 both copies received from the bank. Just need to sign and fill date.
4. Copy of Insurance.
5. Copy of Emission certificate.
6. Copy of Driving License.
7. Copy of ID proof.

Other items required:
1.  A pen.
2. A stapler.
3. A cover with 18 Rs  stamp and address. Sold in the lift of the RTO building. Yes in list.
4. A file. Sold in Jayanagar 4th block complex first floor.

1. Go to Non-Transport section which is on the right when we enter the office.
2. Go to the superintendent in counter 4.
3. Put the original RC inside the cover.
4. Get all the documents checked by the person at the counter.
5. After verification he will write Rs 200 on the document.
6. Take all the documents and give it in the cash counter and pay Rs 200. Cash only. You will get 2 receipts.
7. Now combine all the above mentioned documents, the cover with RC, both receipt and staple them.
8. Put the bunch inside the file and again go back to the superintendent in counter 4.
9. Now he will check all documents again and sign in the first page.
10. Take the documents and go to Sakala counter. Submit all the documents with the file. They will give you the receipt with a date mentioned in that. With this step 1 is over.

Now need to wait and see what is to be done on that day. Not sure if i will get the new RC on that date or should i visit the office again. The date they have given me is Sunday and wondering if the government office will be open on Sunday. Will update the rest after the next step.

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