Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Getaway 55: Avalabetta Trek

Date: 2nd July 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Sourav

Timing: Dawn to Dusk.

Fee: None

Distance: 100 Kms one way

Direction: Bangalore - Hebbal - Devanahalli - Chikkaballapura - Peresandara - Avalabetta

Parking: Available.

Food: Small snacks and water available.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Gudibande Fort.

Avalabetta is one of the famous trekking spot around Bangalore. We reached the base of the hill at 8 AM and there was already some 500 vehicles parked. Though there is a good cement road leading to top, vehicles are not allowed and they have done the right thing. With these many bikes and cars there would only be chaos at top. Never seen such a crowd at any trek places around Bangalore. Surely its not an offbeat place and gives tough competition to the famous Nandi hills.

We parked the car and reached the gate. We were talking to the tender coconut seller and a guy looking at harsh told us "you will have to carry him ". We said thanks we will try and thought "you do not know him". He has climbed 1100 steps when he was 4 years and 4 months to reach Akash ganga falls in kolli hills.

There are two way to reach up. One the cemented road other the broken steps. Steps was of course shorter and we took that.

The climb was moderately difficult. We took few breaks and reached the top.

Though it was well after sunrise the cool breeze made the climb a pleasant experience.

The narasimha swamy temple is located at the first level of the hill. There are few people who have climbed up solely for the purpose of visiting the temple and others like us for the famous cliff.

Huge rocks balancing on narrow ends.

The climb was totally worth, the view from the top of the hill was beautiful. The cool breeze was refreshing and we sat down for some time looking at the vast landscape.

Then we started looking for that famous hanging cliff. We read that no one is allowed near the cliff and a guard is posted to stop people going to the edge.

However we did not know that they have erected a fence with sharp spikes and barbed wires. This has made things only worst as we saw people risking injury and climbing up the fence to reach that cliff. This guy jumping over those spikes and that girl tearing a part of her cloth, all for what?

This. This famous cliff to get a pic. We saw few people going to that edge and taking pics.

We left the spot soon and sat on other side where we had a good view of the surrounding hills.

There is another temple above the narasimha swamy temple which was closed when went.

Some more views from the top of the avalabetta.

Winding road  and the car parking at the base.

We took the cement road while coming down. Only complaint Harsh had was he is very hungry, a rare one.

We skipped Gudibande fort plan and drove back home. A nice trekking place near Bangalore even though its too crowded on weekend.

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