Friday, July 7, 2017

Kids Attraction 9: Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru

Date: 2nd July 2017

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh and Sourav

Timing: 10:15 AM to 5:15 PM. More detail in pic below.

Fee: None for science park. More detail in pic below.

Distance: 10 Kms one way

Parking: Available.

Food: Small snacks and water available.

Photography: Allowed.

Other attractions nearby: Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park and Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum.

We skipped Gudibande fort after seeing Avalabetta hill in morning. Since we had reached city soon we decided to visit Jawaharlal nehru planetarium on the way. The place was crowded when we reached and a big queue standing for the sky theatre show. We only saw the science park and exhibition hall. Some of the exhibits were not working as it was not well maintained. We walked around the place and tried out few experiments.

Whispering disc.

Lift yourself.


Playing with heat and light.

Double cone. There are many more but some of them not working.

Inside the exhibition hall. Check your weight on all planets and our moon. Harsh will weigh 50Kg on Jupiter and 3 on moon.

In front of comparison of planets with sun.

Information about the place.

An interesting place for kids to get introduced to space and some science concepts. 

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