Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bhopal Trip: 1. Rajdhani Experience

Date: 10th Dec 2015

Travelers: Arun, Abhilash, Ankit, Naveen and Sunil

Cost: Rs 2535 for AC 3 tier.

Travel Time: Actual 26 Hrs (for us 29).

Distance to Bhopal from Bengaluru: 1670 Kms

Luckily Ankit did not cancel my reservation and i got to travel to his marriage and see few places in Bhopal. I had some commitment for the 12th Dec weekend and had asked him to cancel my tickets. With few changes on the previous weekend i made myself free for the trip. Then comes the day of travel. I was reading information about Rajdhani express and saw this train takes the highest priority on the rail network and its one of the fastest trains and many other good things. We were all very excited traveling. Sunil, Abhilash and I reached station at 6:30 for the 8 PM train. The big screen displaying the schedule of the trains showed its on 8 and we were happy. We then noticed a small ticker running below the display board with Rajdhani rescheduled for 10:30. We thought it might be something else and checked at the help desk. They confirmed the bad news of train delay and broke our belief Rajdhani is on time. With nothing much we could do we decided to have a light dinner and wait for the train. We went to our platform after dinner. One thing that i noticed is the platforms are much more cleaner than before. I have traveled in train many times and from most platforms and this time i felt the station was much better, even platform 8. Finally the train came and we all boarded the Rajdhani and for me for the first time.

Some pictures from the journey.

Selfie in front of our coach.

A clean cabin is what needed for such a long journey and we were happy about this.

Apart from talking, playing cards and sleeping the other thing we did on this trip was eating, eating and eating more. Dinner on day 1. The chapathi, curry and sonpapdi was good. Rice was bit plain.

Next morning tea and biscuit for a snack.
Thermal power station, once in a while peep out to get some view.  

Again more food and play.

A veg breakfast. Sandwich which was too plain. Samosa was ok.

Lunch is again 1 Rice, 2 chapathi and 2 curry and curd instead of sweet.

Hot and tangy rasam after food. Bit weird to get it in evening.

Finally after 29hours of train journey we reached the Bhopal station at 4 in the morning. Overall delay of 6 Hrs.

How ever we were happy as we had fun talking and playing and that was the only way to keep up during such long travel.

Other things we experienced from this journey is
1. Rajdhani gets the highest priority on the rail network is not so true.
2. Atleast dont tell 5 of us Rajdhani is one of the fastest train ;)
3. Nagpur is famous for oranges but please do not get it in Nagpur station. I get better oranges in Bengaluru and for better price.

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