Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bhopal Trip: 8. Great Stupa at Sanchi

Date: 13th Dec 2015

Visitors: Arun, Sunil, Rajneesh, Abhilash and Naveen

Timings: Sunrise to Sunset on all days. Exact timings not mentioned.

Fee: Rs 10 for Indians and SAARC nationals. Others Rs 250.

Day 2 of our Bhopal sight seeing started with visit to the Buddhist monuments in Sanchi. Its a UNESCO world heritage site. The Great Stupa or Stupa 1 was built by the king Ashoka during 3rd century B.C. The stupa was built over the relics of Budha. During the second century B.C the stone encasing was built and the stupa was enlarged. The balustrades were built during this period. During the first century B.C the four gateways were built on all four sides of Stupa 1 and one Gateway was built for stupa 3. There are many temples and monastery's in this site. Monuments are spread across this site and it would be easy if there is a guide to help around.

Some pics from the visit.

The Great Stupa, Stupa 1.

The carvings on one of the gateway of the Stupa.

The gateways of the great stupa.

The stone carvings depict some part of life of Buddha.

Monastery 51. The stone structure was very impressive.

The stupa 2. This stupa lies down the hill.

The parasol at Stupa 3.

Statue of Buddha in stupa 1. There are 4 statues on all four side.

First monument that i have seen which is very friendly to visually impaired people. The notes in braille. Tactile paving of path leading to the stupa from main entrance.

Stupa 3 with single gateway.

Not sure of the purpose or what they are. Guide would have been helpful.

A great place and a must visit attraction in M.P. Give it a few hours and soak in the beauty and calmness of place. There is also a museum that is open from 9 AM to 5 PM (closed on Friday). The museum houses various items found in that area used by the Buddhist monks.

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