Monday, December 28, 2015

Bhopal Trip: 10. Udayagiri Caves

Date: 13th Dec 2015

Visitors: Arun, Naveen, Abhilash, Sunil and Rajneesh

Timings: -

Fee: None.

Located 18kms from Sanchi is the Udayagiri caves. The route was through a small village and though the road was not good the drive was enjoyable. These beautiful caves are carved during the rule of chandragupta II, There are 20 caves in total and some of them are just plain rock cut caves with no carvings of gods in it. The most significant of all the 20 is cave 5. It contains the 3rd incarnation of lord vishnu the varaha. Some of the caves are locked and too dark to get any good pictures.

See Sanchi Stupa

Some pics from the visit to the caves.

The Varaha sculpture in cave 5.

Cave 6 from outside.

The rocky hill of Udayagiri.

Some rock cut cave which is empty.

Carving of Lord vishnu in cave 13. Another important cave in Udayagiri.

An empty cave.

View of the green fields from top of the hill.

Cave 1
Other caves and rock cut sculptures.

Another archaeological site near bhopal to visit. This place was not there in our original plan. We spent more time in Sanchi so we thought we will visit this as it was only 18Kms from Sanchi. We had a train to catch at 3 PM.  Some of the things that we missed to see in Bhopal are

Bhojpur temple
Bhimbetka cave shelters
2nd largest Indian National flag.

That brings end to our sight seeing in and around Bhopal.

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