Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bengaluru Eataries: 11. Iyengar's Inn

Date: 19th Dec 2015

Foodies: Arun, Shilpi and harsh

Cost for 2: 120 Approx

Timing: 12 Noon to 3 PM. Closed on Sunday.

Location: Jayanagar 7th block.

Wait time: None

Specialty: Puliyogere

Read about this new food place from a FB post and decided to check it out. The place opens at 12 so we reached there at 12 sharp but it was still closed. Saturdays are direct lunch day's so we were bit hungry. We thought of giving it some time and waited and the hotel opened at 12:15 PM. The food was prepared in malleshwaram at a home and brought here. The hotel was open 8 months back and it has few fans already. The menu changes everyday and is limited to 4 main dishes a day. There is something called double and triple mix. We can get two scoops of different rice items or 3 scoops of 3 items. Shilpi got her favorite puliyogere and i tried double mix (avalaki chitrana and curd rice). The food was good but all the items had become cold. There is no seating facility but 4 long tables gave enough place to stand and eat. The place was clean.

Some pics from the place.

Looking on both direction to see if someone will come to open the door.

No complaints about the taste of the puliyogere. It would have been better if it was hot.

Aam vade. The outer part was nice crispy.

Double mix. The curd rice was good. Did not find the avalaki rice that nice.

Sajappa a sweet. It has coconut filling inside just like the holige. The outer part was hard unlike holige which is very soft. I like this one among all other.

Directions to the hotel.

If they can find a way to keep the food hot this will be a good place to have a decent lunch.

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