Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bhopal Trip: 2. Van Vihar National park

Date: 12th Dec 2015

Visitors: Arun, Naveen, Rajneesh, Abhilash and Sunil.

              6:30 to 6:30 13th Aug to 31st Oct.
              6:30 to 6:00 1st Nov to 15th Feb.
              6:30 to 6:30 16th Feb to 15th April.
              6:00 to 7:00 16th April to 31st Jul.
              No info on Aug 1st to 12th.
              Closed on all Friday, Diwali, Holi and Ranga panchami.

      Cycling Rs 55,
      2 wheeler Rs 110,
      Auto Rs 220,
      4 wheeler Rs 475.
      Its all for Indians. Foreigners its double.

Even after a long journey in Rajdhani we managed to start early for our day outing in Bhopal. Our first stop was at Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal. Van Vihar national park is located in the center of the city adjacent to the upper lake. Its more of a zoo than a national park. The Animals are kept in wide enclosures close to their natural habitat. The herbivorous animals are free ranging inside the park. We saw deer crossing the road in front of us. The carnivorous animals are kept in bigger enclosures. A beautiful road passes through the park. The drive is pleasant with animals on one side and the lake on other side. One can also hire bicycle and ride through the stretch.

Some pictures from the Park.

One entrance to the park.

The beautiful road through the park.

Black buck.

It seems there are 4 tigers in this park but we could only see this one.

There were 2 Jaguars kept in a bit smaller cage.

Lion resting under the shades of the trees.

Gharial resting. We were shocked to see few people working near by.

2 Pythons in the small snake park. 2 hen were left inside as food. Looks like they knew their fate and were sitting scared. One python was moving slowly towards them.

Black bear.

Small fountain in the turtle display.

Best thing about this zoo/national park is not much walking required. All animals are kept on one side of the road.

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