Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trichy Trip: 6. Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple, Thiruvellarai

Date: 1st Jan 2016

Visitors: Arun, Shilpi, Harsh, Muthusamy and Vijayalakshmi.

Fee: None.

From Gneelivaneswarar Temple, Thiruppainjeeli we next went to pundarikakshan temple in Thiruvellarai. The temple is located on a small hill and its older than Srirangam temple. The Rajagopuram in this temple is also an unfinished one. The Gopuram even in its unfinished state looks very beautiful. There is a small car parking in front. This temple is one of the 108 divyadesam of Lord Vishnu. Apart from the main sanctum there is a thayar sanidhi and chakarathalwar sanidhi. These three shrines are the main attractions. The priests in these 3 temples make the devotees stand inside and light up the inner sanctum with diya and let everyone have a peaceful darshan. They explain about all the idols inside the temple. In Chakarathalvar temple they put the theertham in eveyones face saying thats how its done in all chakarathalvar temples. The temple is huge and well maintained. There are few spots where we can sit under the tree shades and have a peaceful time.

The story of the temple is

Once Sibi chakravarthy was crossing this place with his army to wage war on the asuras. A white boar came in his way and was disturbing him a lot. The army and the king could not chase the boar away. The king then sought the advice of Markandeya muni and he said it was actually Lord vishu and asked him to pour milk on an ant hill. When the king did that Lord Vishnu appeared in front of the king. Then saint markandeya asked the king to bring 3700 vaishnavites and build a temple for lord Vishnu. On the way to the place one of the vaishnavites died making the count one less. Then Lord vishnu himself appeared as pundarikakshan and helped the king to build the temple.

Some pictures from the visit.

The unfinished Rajagopuram.

One of the gateway to the temple.

Idol of Navaneetha Krishnan.

Namam or thilak, one of the symbols of Lord Vishnu.

One of the cave on the back side.

Its believed that if you shout and pray from here it will be heard in Vaikundam. People calling the Lord from this place. When quiet you can hear the echo back but this gang here was not ready to wait for one another. Everyone shouts at the same time and the echo somewhere gets cancelled. We waited for the group to leave and we could hear the echo of our sound clearly.

The massive wall around the temple.

There are two entrance to the main sanctum. Utharayana and Dhakshanayana. Utharayana open from Jan 15 to June 15 and Dhakshanayana open on other time.

Some more pics from the temple.


The swastik tank outside the temple is another attraction. The gate was closed and we could see it only from outside.

One of the ancient temple that is a must visit place around Trichy. Its very unfortunate that these temples doesn't get the attention that they deserve.

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