Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trichy Trip: 7. Pot making Experience

Date: 1st Jan 2016

While coming back from Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple, Thiruvellarai we saw this couple Dharmaraj and Rasathi making clay pots outside their home. We stopped to look at it. Initially i was hesitant to disturb them while they were working. After few min i asked  if i can click pic and they gladly let me take few pics. I then sat there and started talking and soon got comfortable and began chatting. They do these clay pots all year and people from nearby town and village come there and buy it from them in bulk. They get a load of clay for Rs 3000 and use it to make the pots. They also let shilpi try and make a pot when she asked for it. First attempt making pot failed. Dharmaraj said it will be easy to make a lamp and helped Shilpi make a lamp. He said a couple came a week ago and they did two pots and took it with them. He confirmed these pots can even be used on gas stoves. Since pongal is just few weeks away we thought anyway we need to buy pots and asked them if we can purchase there. We got 2 pots for Rs50 each. Both the husband and wife were very courteous.

Few pics from the experience.

The clay pot in this shape is beaten next day after it dries a bit to mold to proper shape. Then it will be burnt in fire to harden it.

Some pots kept for drying.

Lot of concentration required.

The wheel is spun continuously as the pot is shaped.

Lamp made by Shilpi. We have kept it for drying and will be used on Pongal day for the first time.

This was coir making on the way to Samayapuram. Three women spinning the rope at almost one in 2 minutes. Coir which is spun with a simple tool to make it into a rope.

The elderly aunt working at this age. Amazing coordination among all three.

Finished product.


Nice experience in the trip to remember. 

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